2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft 1.0

fantasy football mock draft

This past week I had the privilege on doing a fantasy football mock draft with several fantasy football accounts. This was the first one I had done this year with the fantasy football community. All 11 of these accounts bring their unique perspective and skills that made this a very interesting draft. Being that this was my first one I used it as a way to gauge where players may go in the draft. At some parts where I felt I could grab a player he went earlier than I thought. I also accidentally grabbed a player in Darrell Henderson because I pressed the wrong button on the site. All of these are learning experiences so you do not do them in your real draft. Let us break down several parts of the fantasy football mock draft.

Round 1. Pick Saquan Barkley.

            This one was a pretty obvious pick. CMC and Barkley are the top two players above everyone else. To have them go 1 and 2 is no surprise and I am very happy I grabbed Barkley. Looking at the flow of the first round to me was a little bit of a surprise. For one I did not expect 3 wide receivers to go in the top 7 picks. Yes this is a ppr league so having a top notch receiver is a must. Yet with such limited top tier running backs I thought for sure we would see s run of running backs from that 4 to 7 range. And it is not that I do not like the picks made by FantasyFootballHub and FFBros. Adams could challenge for the top wide receiver this year and Hopkins is so consistent however I put more value on top running backs.  

fantasy football mock draft barkley
Barkley could return to top form for the 2020 fantasy year.

            Later in the first round we see that run of running backs. One of my favorite picks in this round was Dalvin Cook by FantasyMechanic. Cook is a player I see being a top 3 running back potential yet he was taken 9th overall off the board. Perhaps it was injury concerns still but to me he proved last year he has the talent to be an elite fantasy back. Chubb went before him with Mixon and Henry going after. All of these players seem to be taken in a good spot. Mixon is a player I am super high on so love the pick there by FantastFootballMentor as I think he could be top 5 this year. Overall though I think this was a very solid first round for all parties involved.  

Rounds 2-3. Picks Patrick Mahomes and Kenyan Drake.

            At my second round pick I was hoping for several players to fall. Early in the round there was little surprise to me. Several players who went were Jacobs, Godwin, Julio and Aaron Jones. One surprise to me was Myles Sanders by FantasyonTap. It is not because I think he is a bad pick because I think he has a ton of upside. However I did not think he would go that far. Again it could be that he felt he would not get back to him on round 3 which is very plausible. Sometimes you have to reach on a player if you love him. I was really hoping Ekeler or Golladay would fall to me. Both are top notch at their respective positions this year. Sutton in the second was also a bit of a surprise as I think he is more of a third rounder.

fantasy football mock draft drake
Drake could be a top running back depending on free agency.

            For my pick I went Mahomes. To me I believe he is going to have another 40+ touchdown and I have no worry taking him around the 2nd/3rd round turn. That being said I really though Lamar would go earlier. We see Lamar go mid third which is a lot farther than I think he would go. That kind of diminished the value of my pick and I probably could have taken Mahomes in the third. Regardless I knew I was going Mahomes and Drake with my two picks. Drake is a top 10 potential depending on his free agency landing spot. The rest of the third round looks pretty solid. Although I am not a huge Odell fan his value at the late third is tremendous. He has top 10 upside and RunTheClock scored big with that pick.

Rounds 4 to 7. Picks Mack, Diggs, M. Brown. Kirk

            Rounds 4 to 7 for me was about solidifying my wide receiving core. Two players that went before my in round 4 were A.J. Brown and D.J. Chark. Both players would have made for a solid wr1 for me yet that did not happen. I decided to go Mack here to solidify my running backs. Going running back heavy is a strategy I love. Mack gives me a third running back who could perform at an rb2 level. From there on it was just finding receivers who I like. Diggs had an up and down year but still finished as a wr2 overall. He could be a big play receiver any week. Marquise Brown has a ton of upside and is the top receiver on his team. If he can stay healthy he could produce well next year. Same goes for Kirk in what could be an explosive Cardinal offense.

fantasy football mock draft brown
Brown has a ton of upside for this upcoming year.

            In these rounds you are looking for upside as players here could win your leagues. There were several picks I really liked in these rounds. The first is Gallup at 5.9 for FantasyMechanic. Gallup has the talent to be a top 10-20 player depending on what Cooper does in free agency. With that offense he should get plenty of touches regardless and make them count. I have already discussed how A.J. Brown and Chark were tremendous picks by NextLevelFantasyFootball and FantasyMechanic. Both players have very high ceilings going into next year. Kyler Murray also went early but FantasyFootballCentral probably would have not gotten him with his next pick. Terry McLaurin was also a nice pick for NFLJunkieNation. For a 6th round pick as a top wide out for the team that is tremendous value.

Late Round Picks.

            One I accidentally grabbed Darrell Henderson in the 8th round I knew a quality mock is done. Picking a player who is not supposed to go that high ruins the flow of the mock. I would have grabbed T.J. Hockenson who went a pick later and then used the 9th round pick on another wide out. Yet things happen and know with sleeper they save favorite players from last year. Some picks I liked were Hunter Renfrow in the 10th round by Lepiscoposhow. Renfrow could be a huge sleeper next year as he delivered at the end of the year. Golden Tate for FantasyFootballBros in the 11th was a pick I liked. Yes the Giants have a ton of talent on that offense but he still could be a solid flex that late. Lastly Daniel Jones in the 12th for RunOutTheClock was a great pick for top 10 upside.

fantasy football mock draft
The complete mock draft Board.


With this being the first mock of the year it was a good way to get the feel for the flow of the draft. Like I stated a lot of what mocking helps with is getting a flow for the draft. Yes it may change over time and with different leagues but you can really gauge a player this way. Next time I do a write up for a fantasy mock I will break down the later rounds a bit more. Making a mistake in a mock draft screws up the flow and often leads to misanalysis. With that being said this was a very solid fantasy football mock draft. I would like to thank the pages that allowed me to participate. Check out my Instagram for information on all the accounts and give them a look.

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