3 Fantasy Quarterbacks to Buy

This fantasy football year there are 3 fantasy quarterbacks I am looking to buy. For one I begin by saying it is very possible that Lamar or Mahomes finish very near the top of the quarterback list. Yet I am not looking to invest an early pick in either of them with quarterbacks being very deep. Yes if I get a good fantasy value I will strike. But for now let me tell you 3 fantasy quarterbacks I will buy (and already have bought).

Tom Brady

Tom Brady finished 15 in fantasy points per game in 2019. He easily did not have his best season as down the stretch the offense struggled to produce points. This led to his fantasy production taking a hit. Yet his 101 red zone attempts show that they were able to move the ball at times and he threw a ton with scoring opportunities.

Brady is going to have huge games in 2020 with his supporting cast. Evans, Godwin, Gronk and even O.J. Howard will allow him to spread the ball around and accrue points. Many people will point to the fact that Brady can’t throw the ball deep anymore. Last season he completed 41.7% of his deep balls which was 9th. Throwing to guys like Jakobi Meyers and Phillip Dorsett looked to make him uncomfortable throwing downfield.

I am fully confident in Brady’s ability still and his receiving core. With Bruce Arians we will see a top 10 pass attempt offense. Arians teams constantly rank in the top 10 of pass attempts. I feel confident Brady can give you top 10 fantasy numbers in 2020. Currently he is going between rounds 8 and 10 and that is just terrific value to me. 

fantasy quarterbacks Brady

Drew Brees

Brees is the definition of a safe QB 1 play in my opinion. He has been a fantasy qb 1 for every season besides last year dating back to early as 2005. He has had numerous top 5 finishes and has been the staple mark in a passing attack offense. Yes he got hurt last season but his average fantasy points were 8th per game. He’s as safe as it gets.

To me there is no reason Brees cannot put up incredible numbers again for 2020. The Saints kept the core playmakers from last season and even added another weapon in Sanders. This team should be a pass first offense again and with Kamara being healthy again he should be even more explosive for Brees in the passing game.

There is also the idea that this could be Brees last season. To me he’s going to be hungry again and this team will have to score a ton of points. They are in a very competitive offensive division and they have to play teams like the Chiefs, Packers and 49ers. Brees should be able to lead this team to a lot of points and consider him a very safe mid round option.

fantasy quarterbacks Brees

Josh Allen

People are beginning to sleep on Josh Allen for whatever reason. I mean sleep on him. Josh Allen finished as the 6th qb in fantasy football last season. He had 13 quality or great starts as rated by fantasy pros. These games were above 15.3 fantasy points and he was second only to Lamar Jackson.

         Why are people off of Allen? Yes there is the concern of his accuracy.  He has been highly inaccurate at times and has struggled at times under pressure. Yet remember he has never had a true number 1 receiver. John Brown is a quality playmaker but Diggs give this team a weapon they were lacking on the outside. To me Allen will be much more consistent in his passing game for 2020 and improve upon low touchdown numbers.   

Allen has a huge rushing upside where he had 510 yards last season. He also is a vulture for touchdowns as he had 9 rushing touchdowns and 22 red zone touches. Allen is a threat to run any time he has the ball in order to scramble and make plays. Maybe I’m being a bit generous but I truthfully do not see why Allen cannot put up similar numbers to last year. He’s a big buy right now to round out my fantasy quarterbacks buys.

fantasy quarterbacks Allen

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