Best Bets Week 1

best bets

Well folks, we made it. Football is officially back which means it’s that time of year when I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to be rich…until I’m broke….

Here are my best bets for week 1 of NFL football and how my dumb brain has analyzed these best bets


Over 41.5

Tom Brady is officially out of the AFC East and I couldn’t be happier about it. As a Jets fan myself, I finally have hope that the Pats won’t win the division. I think their defense will get exposed this year with all of the COVID opt outs and Fitzmagic probably has a 4 TD, 4 INT type of day. The wildcard here is Cam Newton, but the way he’s been dancing in training camp makes it hard to bet against him putting up a massive stat line. Give me the over. 


Eagles -5.5

This one is pretty simple. You can’t win an NFL game without a team name. Washington going 0-16 this year. 


Bengals +3

How do you bet against a guy who looks so cool smoking a Cigar? Joe Burrow is your Rookie of the Year – book it now. 


Rams +2

Mike McCarthy’s eyes freak me out and he couldn’t get Aaron Rodgers to the playoffs the last time he coached. Can’t see him doing much better with Dak (pun intended).  

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