College Football: It’s the SEC and Everyone Else

SEC Football

SEC Football over the past decade has dominated the college scene. Every single year there are multiple teams competing for a national championship and the SEC controls the rankings. The dominance of the SEC goes much further however than just what we see on the field. The SEC has dominated the revenue, recruiting process and producing NFL talent. Let us dive in to see specifically the areas the SEC football has excelled over the rest of the country.


            Money is a sure fire way that one can see how dominant the SEC has been in terms of overall depth of value. Every year Forbes releases a list of the top 25 programs in terms of average revenue and profit. This group of programs accounted for 1.5 billion of profits of the 2.7 billion overall by college football teams. Of this group 10 out of the 25 teams are SEC schools and 7 out of the top 12 teams were SEC schools. These include Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Auburn and LSU who have been dominant over the years. Top of the list is Texas A&M who has been building their program over the years. There is no surprise success leads to money and money leads to more success for a program. With these teams projected to continue to bring in revenue they will continue to succeed.

SEC Football
Forbes list of top schools by revenue and profit from 2019.


            With money comes more resources for getting top recruits. In order to keep longevity with success it is important for teams to continue bringing in top prospects. Yes of course the play on the field, coaching pedigree and name of the colleges are sure to bring success. Yet every year we see the same schools in the SEC being on top of the recruiting class. The 2020 top 10 recruiting classes include Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, Auburn, Florida and Tennessee. The 2019 top 10 recruiting classes included Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M, LSU and Florida. Auburn and Tennessee were also right outside the top 10. 2021 has all of these schools inside the top 20 trending towards top 10 again. Having the ability to consistently recruit sustains success and allows the SEC to profit from success. This success not only is shown in the college game but at the next level to.

NFL Draft

            The SEC has consistently produced NFL talent at the next level. Looking first at the draft we see the SEC has dominated in terms of prospects. Over the past 13 years the SEC has earned the most prospects drafted from any other college. That is a dominant NFL draft streak by a conference that is dominant. Last year alone we saw 64 players drafted from the SEC conference which was 24 more than the second best conference. 9 of those picks by the SEC came in the first round which is more than a quarter of the picks. The players who get drafted are making an impact in the NFL to. This past season we saw 25 SEC players voted into the Pro Bowl and 17 players make the Super Bowl. Both of those are either first or tied for first further cementing the SEC’s strength past the college game.

SEC Football Draft
A.J. Brown and D.K. Metcalf were two draftees from last year.

Championships, Rankings and Head to Head

            Perhaps no greater determination of the SEC’s dominance in the college game is looking at the past years of success. Since 2000 the SEC has 11 champions and 5 runner ups. This includes two years where it was an all SEC championship game. Over the past few years we have seen multiple SEC schools own most of the top 10. Four teams finished top 10 last year, 4 the previous year and 3 the year before. Being in a conference that holds multiple top ranked teams and championship teams is just part of it though. Last year alone the SEC went 16-8 against other power 5 conferences. They hold a 106-72 Bowl record against the other Power 5 conferences. No other conference holds a record over .500. The sheer dominance of the SEC has overwhelmed the other conferences in terms of titles and head to head contests.


Whatever way you spin it overall the SEC has produced the best results of any other conference. They have the money, recruiting ties, NFL production and the championship pedigree during the last 20 years. Next year alone they have 4 teams already projected to be in the top 10 with 2 more just outside. Whether or not you like it the SEC will be the dominant conference for years to come. Mark my words and SEC football we will see you next year.

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