Crashing the Nut Swamp Fantasy Football Draft


This past weekend fantasy football drafts were in full swing. Monday I got to crash the Nut Swamp Fantasy Football Draft. If you follow the page my boys Nick and Matt often help me out with game picks. This fantasy football draft was a 14 teamer with general football settings. Plenty of the participants were stressed and it was a relieve to sit back and watch the action unfold. As some of them asked here is my analysis of the fantasy football draft with some wild turns and some terrific value picks. I break it all down as I give my take on each team with a team grade.

Nut Swamp Fantasy Football Draft
Full Draft Board

Team 1: Greg

            To start the fantasy football draft I had no complaints with Greg’s strategy. He took the super safe CMC and followed it up with a high upside back in Gurley. Cooper Kupp was a bit early to me as there were several other wide receivers I liked who went after him. If you are high on Kupp you have to take him here or he probably would not fall. Sutton and Hilton are solid wide receiver twos yet I worry about the health of Hilton. What really baffled me about this draft was his willingness to take a kicker before his quarterback. Yes the quarterback position is deep but there was no way to justify taking a kicker before Stafford, Rodgers, Brees and Ryan. Thats a clown move to me. With that move I struggle to justify any high deserving grade.

Grade: D

fantasy football draft clown
Drafting a kicker before your quarterback is a clown move.

Team 2: Mark

            As many who draft in this area running backs are a necessity. Barkley and Conner are a very good start to any 14 team draft. Yes I am not super high on James Conner but if healthy he could put up solid numbers. To me this team won the draft with their next few picks. Mahomes at 3.2 is a steal in a 14 team league. Scary Terry and Robert Woods are two receivers I am very high on as both have wide receiver 1 upside. Swift, Landry, Latavious Murray and Gesicki all were taken at a value for their ADP. To me not only does this team have quality starters is has very good depth. Grabbing Doyle in round 14 was the right move as he is relatively safe compared to the high upside Gesicki. This is by far one of the more superior rosters in the league. 

Grade: A- 

Team 3: Nick

            Nick clearly had the mindset of going running back heavy. Zeke, David Johnson and a healthy Montgomery are as strong as it gets. Throw in a high upside pick in Joshua Kelly and you have a very good running back core. At receiver Nick had a very good draft strategy. After grabbing his guy in Thielen he attacked it with quantity in the middle rounds. Metcalf, John Brown and Hardman serve as the perfect balance between upside and safety. Harry to me can prove to be a steal that late as he has WR 2 potential. Stafford and Engram round out his roster as both have high risk, high reward. When healthy both can be top 5 at their positions. Grabbing back ups in Ebron and Goff prove to be safe low upside playmakers in case of injury. Overall this roster is very solid with a chance to be great.

Grade: B+

Fantasy football draft Kelley
Kelley could be a surprise pick this season.

Team 4: Richie 

            Although I am not as high on Dalvin Cook as most I understand he can be elite. My concern with Cook is he is the highest risk of all the first round picks. So although he can win a league he can also lose it. Where Richie’s draft really stood out to me is rounds 2-6. I loved the Golladay pick as he can be a top 5 receiver. Jackson was a steal and I believe J.K. Dobbins could win leagues this year. Ertz and Jeudy rounded off a very strong start to a draft assuming Cook lives up to his first round price tag. Where I am concerned with this teams roster is the lack of quality running back depth. They should of waited on a defense or kicker to grab more quantity at the position. This team has its strengths but it lacks depth to me. 

Grade: C+

Team 5: Mike

            For me this is one team that I may have overlooked. The start of Mike’s draft was really flawless to me. Kamara, Evans, Gordon, Lockett, Chark, Waller and Howard prove to be a very strong core. Chark to me was a terrific value pick and Howard should get plenty of touches. At quarterback he grabbed is Rodgers who could be hit or miss this season. I can’t fault him for getting him at value although I would have gone a different route. The overall strength of this team comes in it’s depth at receiver. Having Aiyuk as a WR 5 is really solid for me. If I had to have one negative about this roster I would say running back depth. Sometimes it’s better to grab quantity near the end as the position is very slim. Other than that this team was very solid.

Grade: B+ 

Team 6: Paul

            Paul’s team is started off really hot to me. Although I am not on the Henry train he will get his touches in this offense. Godwin and Ridley could be one of the strongest receiving cores in the league as Ridley tumbled. Kyler and Hayden Hurst were also some of my favorite picks as both players should be top 5 at their respective position. Where I think this team may be hurting is at there RB 2. Bell has been struggling all offseason based on reports and he has been tumbling down my draft board. If he can produce than this team could be near the top. His mid round picks were very solid. Crowder is a PPR machine and Justin Jefferson has a ton of upside. I do prefer Joshua Kelley to Justin Jackson but both could get work. Very solid team if Gase doesn’t destroy it. 

Grade: B

bell fantasy football draft
Bell could burn a team this season.

Team 7: Johnny

            I was very eager to see what the Michael Thomas owner would do at running back. To me Johnny hit one of the best values of the draft. Hunt fell to pick 78! I understand Chubb is there but Stefanski will make both guys fantasy relevant. Hunt has top 20 upside any given week and could be top 5 if Chubb goes down. Pair him with Carson and Mostert you have a very sound RB core. It may not be the flashiest but if Carson stays healthy the depth is there. He also got Matt Ryan in round 10 which is insane. Andrews is one of my must own tight ends this year and Boyd makes a sound wide receiver 2. He could of used more receiver depth over taking a defense or kicker. If he plays the waivers right this could be a playoff team. 

Grade: B+ 

Team 8: Nitti

            Total Risk Reward for this team. He grabbed several very safe wide receivers throughout the draft. Hill, Allen, and Gallup all have top 24 or better potential any given week. Golden Tate also could be a solid late round grab for PPR. I really like his quarterback in Brees and tight end in Higbee. Both should produce top 10 numbers at their given position. On their own I love where Clyde, Taylor, Moss and Dillon fell. Even Mattison as a high end cuff.  Yet to bank on all of them for a season like we’re having in 2020 could destroy this team. There is no security at the position as you have to hit on at least 3 rookies or have Dalvin Cook get hurt. Like I said I love Clyde, Taylor, Moss and Dillon. But to much risk for me lowers this draft grade.

Grade: C+ 

all rookie team
The all rookie team.

Team 9: Pete 

            Pete hit one of the values of the drafts when Ronald Jones fell. Yes he may be trending down but to go in round 8 when Fournette went round 3 is terrific. I really like a lot of what Pete did this draft. I always worry about depth when you go tight end early but I think the route he took worked. Juju, Parker, Fuller and Miller to me are 4 quality receivers that can win him this league. To pair that with Kittle and Josh Allen makes a very well rounded roster. Of course I am super high on Mixon and think he can finish as high as RB 3. Yes he has a has a slight hole at RB 2 but the combination Akers and Rojo will work well for him. Rojo should do very well early in the season and Akers could win his backfield late.

Grade: B+

Team 10: Doug

            Doug drafted heavy running back which was a great fantasy football strategy. Yet I worry about the players he took. Jacobs is a stud but all offseason I have been fading Jones and Fournette. Both were on my bold predictions as bust. Of course if they hit he has the strongest RB core in the league. I really like what he did in the middle of the draft. A.J. Brown has top 10 potential. Dak and Lamb could ball out this season as that offense will pass a ton. Gronk, Johnson, Edmonds, Hockenson, Love and Shenault make up a very strong middle round. Edmonds could be a league winner this year if Drake does not pan out. I love the strategy of this team but truly wonder if reaching on Fournette will cost them. For that I grade it a little bit lower than what it could be.

Grade: C+

My Bust Alert from 6 months ago.

Team 11: Steve

            Steve to me had a really strong start to his draft. Yes I preach to wait on tight ends but he was able to make it work. Sanders, Kelce, Ingram, and Robinson are as good as you can get. Ingram will still be super efficient although his ceiling his capped and Robinson was a value. Wilson gives him a super safe tight end and I love the receivers he grabbed. Edelman, Jones Jr., Lazard and Jackson give him the perfect balance of safety and upside. Jackson should thrive early as the Eagles are struggling with injuries. What could hurt this team is the lack of Rb depth. Coleman definitely could get some touches but I would have liked to seen one more back in those middle rounds. Cuffing Sanders was the right move as Scott could produce in this offense. An injury could kill him. 

Grade: B-

Team 12:  Matt

            Matt had a really strong start to his fantasy football draft. Chubb is as solid as it gets. Although I am a bit lower than Hopkins, having a receiving core of Hopkins, Moore and Hollywood is deadly. Reagor was a huge value and even though he’s hurt he can help this team. Wentz was a bit early to me compared to where the other quarterbacks went. He has a ton of upside but a lot of risk to me. Jonnu was a terrific pick as I feel like he will break out. Where I feel Matt went wrong was reaching on his running backs. Breida was a massive reach and I felt Cohen went a bit early. Not having a true RB 2 is going to hurt this team and I feel Matt will have to play match ups. 

Grade: C+ 

Team 13: Conner 

            Let us start with the positives. Conner grabbed Adams at a value and Ekeler who is top 5 to 10 worthy. He grabbed a boom or bust prospect in Amari Cooper who could win a week or lose it. Then he grabbed Singletary as an RB 2 which is not good. I have dropped Singletary a ton down my rankings as he may be beat out by rookie Zack Moss. Conner picked some quality players in the mid rounds. Cooks and Kirk could definitely out produce their ADP and Watson is a safe quarterback. Yet he did not do the one thing you need to do. DRAFT RUNNING BACK DEPTH. During byes he will be hurting. If an injury occurs he will be hurting. IT just did not work this draft. He also drafted the defense that opted out of the season. Claypool was solid though.  

Grade: D

Singletary fumbles
Singletary will fumble your team this year away.

Team 14: Jesse

            Jesse was cringing at every pick this fantasy football draft. Yet he has some bright spots. His receiving core is very good with Julio, Odell, A.J. Green and Deebo. All can put up quality fantasy points every week. Brady was an excellent value pick as he has top 5 upside. I like Kenyan Drake to potentially put up top 5 numbers. I believe that James White could be a very safe RB 2/Flex play this season. Jesse made one mistake in this draft though. I can live with the Gibson reach if you believe in him. Yet I do not agree with taking San Franciscos defense when Bryce Love is still on the board. If Love gets early down work you have to roster him just in case. That being said either Pollard or Williams could hit as cuffs. Pollard was a huge value. His tight ends are risky to. 

Grade: B- 

Overall this fantasy football draft was a fun one and was enjoyable to watch. Several picks had me cringing while others had me in shock. Below I give my 5 best values and worst values to me followed by my playoff picks. Hope you enjoyed this fantasy football draft breakdown! 

Best Values to Me: 

Allen Robinson: Pick 4.5 (Steve)

Kareem Hunt: Pick 6.8 (Johny)

Calvin Ridley: Pick 4.9 (Paul)

Robert Woods: Pick 5.2 (Mark)

Matt Ryan: Pick 10.8 (Johnny) 

5 Worst Values to Me: 

Harrison Butker: Pick 9.1 (Greg)

Matt Breida: Pick 4.3 (Matt)

Leonard Fournette: Pick 3.10 (Doug)

Robby Anderson: Pick 8.11 (Richie) 

Alshon Jeffery: Pick 9.7 (Johnny) 

Playoff Picks:

Mark, Johnny, Pete, Mike, Nick, Steve, Paul, Jesse

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