Early 2021 Wide Receiver Rankings

Early 2021 Wide Receiver Rankings

Today I bring you my way to early 2021 wide receiver rankings. Note again for my early rankings it is more important to me to view the tiers then the rankings. My early 2021 wide receiver rankings will consistently be changed during the offseason. With free agency and the draft looming things are going to be constantly changing. For my early 2021 wide receiver rankings be sure to check out my video as well as I break it down a bit further. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be doing some individual videos for these players. Let me know what you think about my early 2021 wide receiver rankings! (Note these are PPR Rankings)

Tier 1: Elite Upside, Super Safe Floor

1. Davante Adams

         There is really not much to say about Adams here. When healthy the guy is a wrecking force in the NFL. 23 total touchdowns in the regular season since week 12 of last year. Gets a massive amount of volume from one of the better quarterbacks in the game. If he stays healthy there is no reason to not have a top 3 finish. He is the best in the game right now. 

2. Tyreek Hill

         Originally I was going to have a tier break here. Yet given Hill’s situation with the Chiefs offense there is no reason to. Hill put up numerous top 5 performances last season and can win you’re week any given week. He is a deep threat machine and was right behind Adams in total touchdowns. With the Chiefs offense most likely sticking as is next season he will be top 3 bound again.

Tier 2: Top 3 Upside, WR 1 Floor

3. Calvin Ridley

         I have already broken down Ridley in depth on one of my videos (Check it out!). One thing I love about Ridley is his consistency. He had only 2 games outside the top 30 and was a big play threat. He had 40 deep ball targets and led the league in air yards. As long as Ryan is the QB he will get his targets and yards. I believe he is the WR 1 in Atlanta now and will thrive next season.

4. Stefon Diggs

         Not much to hate about Diggs in 2021 after seeing his 2020 season. As long as Josh Allen continues to improve as a passer Diggs will be a top 5 receiver. Led the league in targets and receptions last season and will continue to be a volume king. Also was terrific after the catch. He dominated down the stretch and should continue that trend in 2021. 

5. DeAndre Hopkins

         Hopkins had a tremendous year in 2020 for being with a new team. He was second in targets at 160 and second in receptions at 115. He also was 2nd in receiving yards and has multiple monster games. Where we start to see a bit concern with Hopkins is his touchdown numbers. Last season he only had 6 total touchdowns which was 24th. I believe he will boost those totals a bit in 2021 with Murray taking another step forward in his development. 

Tier 3: Top 5 Upside, Risker Floor

6. Keenan Allen

         Allen was on a roll last season and is the ultimate volume receiver. He had 10 games of double digit targets in 2020 including two games of 19 targets! I fully expect have another year of big volume numbers. One reason why Allen is not higher on this list though is efficiency concerns. Although he had 100 receptions he did not reach 1000 yards last season. In fact his average target distance was 96th at 7.4. So while yes the volume making him safer than most in ppr leagues I believe his upside is limited. 

7. Justin Jefferson

         All you can say is wow about Jefferson’s 2020 season! It was a historic season for a rookie as Jefferson piled up 1400 yards. For next season he is going to improve even more as a playmaker. The one reason why I am not higher on Jefferson is I am a bit worried about the Vikings offense in general. They are going through some coaching changes and that could impact this team. Hopefully the targets go up and Cousins can continue being efficient. Regardless this feels like a safe spot for Jefferson. 

8. D.K. Metcalf

         I honestly do not know what to think about Metcalf in 2021. If you have not seen my Russell Wilson video there is a concern with this team. The level of play has dramatically shifted between seasons. I like Metcalf as a player and I am definitely not avoiding him. Yet the volatility concerns me. The offense had multiple poor performances down the stretch leading him to bust. He has top 5 receiver upside any given week but due to his scary floor I am a bit lower on him in 2021. 

9. AJ Brown

         AJ Brown will continue to be my boy for fantasy football. Last season I predicted him to have a top 10 finish. While injuries impacted that he was 7th in ppg so I will take the W. Brown is an elite athlete who looks tremendous on the field. He had 11 total touchdowns last season which was 5th in the league. He is going to continue to be a safe WR 1 as long as his efficiency stays the same. The one concern I do have with Brown is volume. Yet with Davis expected to leave in free agency I think he will get more opportunities next year.

10. Allen Robinson

         Robinson is one of the most underrated receivers in the league to me. He could be a top 3 talent if he had a quarterback. With his pending free agency it is hard to gauge his ranking as landing spot is everything here. Then again with how successful he has been with horrific quarterback play it might not matter. Hopefully he continues to be a volume king as he had 151 targets last year. With improved efficiency he can only go up from this top 10 ranking.

11. Michael Thomas

         Thomas will be the biggest risk/reward player in the 2021 season. There is going to be a fine line of value in my opinion where to draft him. First it all depends on the quarterback situation. If the Saints get a gunslinger it will make Thomas that much valuable. If I can get Thomas in the mid third round I will draft him. He has top 3-5 potential. But due to the uncertainty right now we will have to see what to do with him next season. 

Tier 4: WR 1 Upside, WR 2 Floor

12. Ceedee Lamb

Here we go guys! The bold take I shared back in early January. If Dak comes back I see no reason Ceedee and Cooper both cannot be top 20 players. Cooper was the WR 1 from weeks 1-5 and Ceedee was the WR 11. I fully believe if Dak did not get hurt Ceedee would have just as historic of a season as Jefferson. Ceedee has incredible ball skills and can make all the difficult catches. Seems like everyone has forgotten he was the consensus number 1 rookie coming out of the 2020 draft. This is all gut instinct and if Dak comes back this offense will be back to top 3 bound. Call it hype, call it craziness. He is a top 10 talent in this league and has all the potential to be a top 12 receiver in 2021.

Rest of Tier 4 Early 2021 Wide Receiver Rankings

13. Chris Godwin

14. Terry McLaurin

15. Robert Woods

16. Mike Evans 

17. Julio Jones

18. Kenny Golladay

19. Amari Cooper

20. D.J. Moore

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