Fantasy Bold Prediction: Daniel Jones

daniel jones
New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) prior to an NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)

Our next fantasy bold prediction is one that were very excited about. We believe that Daniel Jones could finish as a top 10 quarterback next year. After being questioned all offseason Daniel Jones silenced a bunch of his critics by deliving a monster game at Tampa Bay. There are some things that will need to happen in order for this to happen. Let us look back at Daniel Jones’ rookie season while looking forward to the 2020 year.

Reviewing Last Season

            Daniel Jones finished as the 24th quarterback overall in fantasy while only playing 12 games. The one thing we did not see out of Daniel Jones was consistency. Yes at times he would put out monster performances. 4 times he finished either as the top quarterback of the week or 2nd best quarterback of the week. Other games his point total was less than ideal as a quarterback as he had 6 games of 12 points or less. One you can attribute this inconsistency to the fact he was a rookie. His fumbling was an issue but improved as time went by. We also questioned his decision making at some points in the season. Yet in those big games we saw glimpses of a quarterback who has the makings of an elite player. His accuracy and ability to drive the ball downfield to me was very impressive.

Daniel Jones first touchdown could be one of many to come.

            It is also important to take into account the state of the offense around him throughout the year. Daniel Jones was without his star running back Saquan Barkley for weeks 4-6 where we saw Jones stuggle. Barkley also was not himself which really impacted the flow of this offense. We also saw Evan Engram miss half the season and Sterling Sheppard was out from weeks 6-11. Those are probably the Giants top 3 skill players and all play a crucial role in this offense. Golden Tate and Darius Slayton stepped up and both give reason for excitement next year. The Giants also had one of the worst offensive lines last year. The Giants were in the bottom 10 of offensive line efficiency which can really impact any quarterback let alone a rookie.

Daniel jones 2
Jones could become the next great Giants quarterback.

Looking Towards Next Year

            A few things need to happen in order for Daniel Jones to reach that top 10 ceiling. The first thing is the team needs to stay healthy. The Giants have a ton of quality weapons that can allow Jones to spread it around. Yet if one or two of them starts to get hurt this impacts the rest of the team. It especially helps if Barkley is on the field. Jones was 9th in play action completion percentage at 69.4%. Having a stud running back definitely helps be able to be more effective in the passing game. With a second year I feel that Jones will mature as a passer. He was not as effective with his deep ball and did not have a good air yard total. Yet with maturity and his receivers becoming more in sync with Jones I project both of those all to go up.

            The last thing that needs to happen to help the offense and Daniel Jones is this offensive line. The Giants did not address the offensive line as much as they could and hopefully they could in the draft. If that happens and the line can improve than we can see Daniel Jones’ full potential. I expect Jones in particular to utilize his mobility a bit more next year to. He can roll out of the pocket and make plays in my opinion. I would not be surprised to see him put up near 4000 yards and get close to 35 touchdowns. Of course Barkley will still be the focal part of this offense but do not be surprised if we see some rushing touchdowns by Jones. All of this could lead to a top 10 fantasy season.

Our Daniel Jones prediction from a few months ago.


            There you have it the recipe for a Daniel Jones top 10 season. One the offense needs to stay healthy. Two the team needs to address the offensive line. Three Daniel Jones needs to come into himself and be that star quarterback we saw during those 4 weeks of top 2 performances. He has all the capable tools in my opinion with the supporting cast and his ability. We not just have to see if he can progress in year two. Regardless Daniel Jones being a top 10 fantasy quarterback is our next bold prediction.

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