Fantasy Draft: Early Pick Strategy

Todays fantasy draft video focuses on how to create the best roster available after you draft CMC at the early pick. Yes CMC should be number 1 overall (and sometimes Barkley) but what you do in rounds two to three are crucial to building the best possible team. In this strategy I am not afraid to take the best player available and draft a quarterback or tight end early to gain an edge instead of reaching for an RB 2. 

When looking at the draft board you have to go a stud running back with your early pick. Whether it is picks 1 or 3 to 4 going early running back is optimal for the best overall lineup. Feel the flow of your draft as most times running backs will start thinning out near the second round turn. There is a huge drop off and drafting a running back may be a reach. Do not be afraid to go quarterback or tight end early here for your fantasy draft. I tell you why in the video.

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