Fantasy Drafts: Late Pick Strategy

With Fantasy drafts in full swing I give you my approach to dominating the back end of the turn. I love to go running back heavy and solidfy my starting running backs. Normally I preach to go 3 running backs in the first four rounds as running backs thin out and the receiver pool is super deep. However this video I go for a more balanced approach grabbing running backs in the first two rounds and wide receivers in the next two. This show how to solidify potentially two top 12 running backs and two top 12 wide receivers to dominate. Use the ranking tabs to check out my rankings in order to grab the best players available at each position.

Over the next few days I will be getting in some last minute content for your fantasy drafts. On instagram I have been trying to build the brand and having been posting frequently. In order to get the best advice possible make sure to follow me there and check in every week. I will be posting weekly rankings with the help of the fantasypros platform. Let’s dominate this football season. Good luck with your fantasy drafts!

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