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Fantasy Football is sadly nearing its end! For players in redraft leagues, you most likely are just playing for pride if you have been eliminated from the playoffs. However, if you are in a keeper league, you most likely are plotting for ways to improve for next year. So what is a keeper league you might ask? A keeper league is a managerial league where you can keep a certain amount of players on your roster for as many years as your league rules allow for. So you may be thinking, “Wow I can keep Christian McCaffery for so many years!” Well it may not be that simple. Sure some leagues allow you to pick just your top 2 to 3 players, but others may have salary cap restrictions, only allow you to keep a player a certain amount of years, or have the player take a specific draft value for your future draft (ex: McCaffery equals first round value). In these cases, it is crucial to know whether the player will take the spot of last year’s draft, or more frequently a round above. This is when research of the minute details of a player is crucial to predict where his values lies not only the following year but for years to come. Here are some players we think will be a steal depending on when and where you drafted them.

(Note: based on PPR rankings for Fantasypros preseason consensus among experts)

Dalvin Cook (2019 ADP: 2.05; 2020 Projected ADP: Top 3): Dalvin Cook was one of the most polarizing running backs heading into this year. Due to his injury, some people hated the idea of drafting him, while others thought he could be a steal. Well if you were one who drafted him kudos to you because you potentially have a top 3 to 5 running back for the next few years! Depending on how your league operated, keeping Dalvin Cook outside of top 5 value could be a steal. Even if he takes your projected 1.05 or later first round pick, that already considering in this Vikings system his return value will greatly surpass that! So keep Dalvin Cook on your rosters for next year!

Josh Jacobs (2019 ADP: 4.01, 2020 Projected: Late first, early second): Josh Jacobs has had a tremendous season for the Oakland Raiders. With concerns of his usage in college, he translated very well to the NFL game. He is currently putting up top 10 fantasy numbers for 2019, and with the improving Oakland Raiders team, we see him only getting better. With him being a focal point of the offense, his continue usage should vault him up fantasy draft boards. However if you were one who got him near that third/fourth round turn, keeping him would bring you great return value for your draft next year.

D.J Chark (2019 ADP: Last round to Undrafted, 2020 Projected: 3rd-4th Round): This is not opinionated but it is facts, D.J. Chark’s average rank was 77th by the FantasyPro community, behind the likes of 16 defenses! Now of course deep round fliers are why we play fantasy, because if you hit on a sleeper in the last few rounds it has the ability to make you a fantasy king! Ok, maybe I am getting a bit excited, but for a guy who is number 5 for wide receivers this year, and could be a top 10-20 moving forward in his career, it is almost impossible not to keep this guy on your rosters. Of course this is dependent on you leagues rosters pool, but the value of getting an early round wide receiver for almost nothing gives you a boost with you fantasy rosters depth.

Mark Andrews/Darren Waller (2019: Drafted as backup tight ends, 2020 top 5-8 tight ends): Yes I am combining these two tight ends because I see them being in similar boats, although I did not include their ADPs. Both were drafted mostly as backup tight ends within leagues, and both currently sit within the top 4 of tight ends. These two players have the making of being the next superstar tight ends, and are focal points of their offenses. Depending on your player and the amount of players you are allowed to keep, having one of these two tight ends will give you a tremendous return value for where you kept them.

Lamar Jackson (2019: drafted rounds 10-13, 2020 projected 2nd – 3rd round): What a year it has been for Lamar Jackson! He has been one of the top fantasy players in the past few years due to his special talent. He has excelled on the ground this year, breaking Michael Vick’s all time rush record for a quarterback. That alone has made him super valuable in terms of fantasy value due to his elevated floor. Put that along his improved passing numbers, which he currently leads the league in passing touchdowns, you have a fantasy monster. Normally quarterbacks are less valuable due to the depth of the position, however with Jackson’s rushing numbers, it almost ensures a top 10 to 5 quarterback every week. Keep him and you have struck fantasy gold!

Well, hopefully you have won your fantasy championships. However, if you are like me and are looking towards next year, get ready to plan out strategically so you can maximize your roster for the 2020 season!

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