Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings

tight end rankings

Today we will give you our initial fantasy football tight end rankings! The tight end position was a crap shoot last year with surprises almost every week. This year seems to have a very deep crop that can be seemed very similar in rankings. Believe me this was the most difficult ranking to put together. Things most likely will change with the NFL draft coming up but these are my initial fantasy football tight end rankings. You may or may not agree but remember plenty of these players are so similar in rankings you could go several different ways.

1. George Kittle

I am a big fan of George Kittle this upcoming year to finally dethrone Kelce from the number 1 fantasy spot. Kittle finished second last year in ppr leagues with missing 2 games. He had 85 receptions, 1053 yards and 5 touchdowns. It is also important to note that Kittle had several touchdowns early in the season nullified by penalties. The offense still will be run first and Kittle will still be a top option as he posted a 22% target share last year. Look for him to finish top 2 again.

2. Travis Kelce

Kelce is not going to fall out of the top 3 anytime soon. Putting him at 2 is not anything against him I just am higher on Kittle.  Kelce saw a 23.6% target share which would put him top 10 for both tight ends and wide receivers. He had 97 catches, 1229 yards and 5 touchdowns which would put him top 9 if he was a receiver. He is 30 which is a bit older so potentially the dip in production could be coming. Yet with the way this offense is and his production year in and year out until we see it he will not dip.

tight end rankings kelce
Kelce continues his reign on top of the fantasy tight end world.

3. Mark Andrews

Andrews broke out on the scene last year and finished top 5 in ppr formats. He received a 22% share of his team targets which was 6 more percent than the team’s top receiver. Yes the Ravens are a run first team but I think with the play action game they run Andrews will continue to be favored by Jackson. Andrews also had a very good .9 fantasy points per pass route last year which is highly impressive. The team could add receivers but with Hurst gone this free up more production at the tight end position for Andrews. I think he could be a top 3 finisher this year.

4. Zach Ertz

Ertz like Kelce has been one of the more consistent tight ends in the NFL over the past few years. Last year he had 88 catches and 6 touchdowns. He did have some injury concerns at the end of the year but he currently is the only option I see in this offense. I do like Goedert but the lack of receivers makes his 22% target share almost a given. The team could draft a receiver which could impact this ranking but for now this feels safe.

5. Noah Fant

Consider this a bold prediction. I will be posting an article on Fant next week but to me his talent level gives him top 5 upside. He had two weeks of top 2 finishes last year and for a rookie he had a very good stat line of 40 catches for 500 plus yards. It is very difficult for tight ends to finish well their rookie year. Fant did have 13% of the teams target share which should improve if they do not bring in a top end receiver. This could change if they bring in a top end receiver. Look for more analysis on Fant next week during our bold prediction.

tight end rankings fant
Could Noah Fant break out in 2020? We think so.

6. Darren Waller

Waller had a terrific season last year as the Raiders top option. Waller had an incredible 22% target share finishing with 90 catches. He had 1145 yards but only had 3 touchdowns throughout the year. To me the Raiders will definitely draft a receiver this year yet that is not why I have Waller just outside the top 5. I fully believe Jason Witten will impact Waller in some type of way. He is going to take some type of targets away Waller in my opinion to some degree. I also feel Jacobs will be more involved in the passing game which will take some looks from Waller. Regardless he still should be a top tight end.

7. Hunter Henry

When healthy Henry has been a solid fantasy tight end. Yet he has consistently been hurt throughout his career. With so many similar players however I pushed Henry into this spot because I believe in his talent. His touchdown production was very good in 2019 as he had 5 touchdowns in essentially 11 games. The quarterback situation is still in the air but Taylor I believe will help Henry. In his three years with the Bills from 2015 to 2017 the tight end 1 for the Bills had at least 15% of the teams receiving yards. That bodes well for Henry as Taylor should look to his tight end plenty if he is the quarterback.

8. Tyler Higbee

Higbee came on strong after the Gerald Everett injury last year. The Rams could be shipping Brandon Cooks out and Gurley is no longer on the team. Towards the end of last year the Rams utilized two tight end sets more frequently and that really helped the offense. I fully believe Higbee could be a viable tight end 1 next year. From week 13 on him had at least 7 catches every week and finished top 7 in ppr leagues every one of those week. Everett being healthy makes it a bit more difficult to rank him but he should be utilized a ton. 8 seems fair but he can drop as far as 12.

tight end rankings higbee
Higbee was dominant down the stretch ;last year. Can he continue it?

9. T.J. Hockenson

Hockenson came out the gates swinging last year starting the season with 25 fantasy points in week 1. Inconsistency killed his season however and injuries really hurt the Lions offense. Stafford went out and Hockenson was injured for most of the back half of the season. Yet I believe the talent is there and his 8th overall draft slot two years ago proves that. Hopefully Stafford can stay healthy as this Lions pass attack could be a great one this year. I really had trouble ranking Hockenson because I truly think he can develop into a star. Yet more than any other player on this list injuries could be key.

10. Jared Cook

I was very high on Cook last year and even though he started slow he finished strong. He finished as the tight end 7 in ppr leagues and had 11% of the teams target share. I do believe that he will have a solid season but I question his role on the team. Sanders certainly has the capabilities of sliding into the third option for Brees. I think Kamara will have a huge year and of course Thomas will get his share. Yet Cook still could be a top 10 tight end option of not a little bit more.

11. Jack Doyle

I am very interested in Doyle next year. The addition of Phillip Rivers as a quarterback with Eric Ebron leaving will truly help Doyle I believe. Last year the Colts pass attack was not that good yet Doyle still saw a decent 14% target share. With the way Rivers plays Doyle could be the beneficiary of shorter targets and getting a ton of receptions. He is one in this group that does have limited upside although his situation can put him in near the 10-12 range.

tight end rankings doyle
Doyle should have a solid season with Rivers throwing for the Colts.

12. Irv Smith Jr.

At 12 we could see several different players slide in here yet I am picking another second year guy. Last week I wrote about how Irv Smith Jr. could be a sleeper this year. There is no Stefon Diggs and the Vikings use two tight end sets more than anyone in the league at 56%. His development showed as the year went on and he had a 10% target share. This was similar to Kyle Rudolph who had a solid season. Call this one a gut pick but if the Vikings do not take a stud in the first round I expect Smith Jr. to have a much bigger role next year.

These again are our initial fantasy football tight end rankings. They are definitely subject to change after the draft. Let us know who you think should be on this fantasy football tight end rankings list. Maybe we have a guy to high or too low but again tight ends are very hard to predict. These are very subjective as well. Who do you have on your tight end rankings list?

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