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The NFL Free agency will be here soon enough!

The 2020 free agent wide receivers are a mixture of aging veterans and young talent. With a draft class that is loaded at the wide receiver position many teams may not pay top dollar this year. Several players may be on the move but may not be highly coveted as in years past. Although wide outs tend to age better than running backs a few players here may only have a year or two left. Let us look at the top wide outs and where we think they will end up.

Amari Cooper. Age 25. Unrestricted Free Agent.

            Cooper will be the premiere free agent of this wide receiver class. In his 25 games as a Cowboy he has recorded 132 catches and 14 touchdowns. He is a top playmaker who can explode any time during a game. My issue with Cooper though is consistency. We have seen games where he has 10 plus catches and games where he does not have a catch. In those big game moments you want a guy to be able to dominate. Regardless I think he is too good for the Cowboys to let good. Yes the Cowboys have a lot of free agents so it would not surprise me if he priced himself out. A potential fit for Cooper could be the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have needed a receiver of his caliber for a long time and if the Cowboys let him go they should pursue.

free agent wide receivers amari cooper
Cooper is the premiere wide receiver in this 2020 class.

A.J. Green. Age 31. Unrestricted Free Agent.

            When healthy Green has consistently shown he can be a top 5 to 10 receiver ever year. The issue is he has not been healthy. He recently missed all of the 2019 season and half of 2018. In the past he has recorded 3 seasons of 10 touchdowns or more. He is going to be 31 next year and teams may bring him in on a cheap price. The Bengals have stated they may hold onto him but to me the Bengals need to get younger. A team that would intrigue me with Green is Green Bay. The Packers long have needed a secondary wide receiver and if Green returns to form it could propel them into the Super Bowl.

Robby Anderson. Age 26. Unrestricted Free Agent.

            Anderson has been a solid playmaker for the New York Jets. Throughout the course of his career however he has never become a dominant playmaker. His top receiving year for the team was in 2017 when he had 63 catches and 7 touchdowns. Yes this past year was a disaster in the early parts due to the quarterback situation. If Anderson is going to request top dollar from the Jets I believe they should pass it up. Again this draft is super deep and the team could find a more effective receiver in this class. One team that could be a fit for Anderson is the Jets rival the Patriots. The Patriots could use a speedster like Anderson to help make splash plays over the top and boost that offense.

free agent wide receivers
Anderson could become a playmaker wherever he lands.

Emmanuel Sanders. Age 32. Unrestricted Free Agent.

            Sanders is a proven veteran who continues to show top notch playmaking ability. With the 49ers last year he caught 36 receptions and tallied 502 yards. His experience shows in big moments as against the Saints he tallied 7 catches for 157 yards. If a team is to sign him I expect a year deal due to his age. A team may want to keep Sanders on a year to year basis. A team that could potentially be a fit for Sanders if he does leave is the Ravens. The Ravens could use another experienced wide receiver to spread the field out with Marquise Brown. I expect the 49ers however to retain him for next year.

Others Free Agent Wide Receivers

Randall Cobb – Cobb is an experienced receiver who had some success with the Cowboys. Look for them to retain him or potentially a team like the Saints to go after him.

Breshad Perriman – Perriman shined when he filled in for the injured Evans and Godwin. A potential fit for him could be the Jets if they part ways with Anderson.


The 2020 free agent wide receivers may not excite people. However they do offer some very interesting prospects who could make an impact for any team. Cooper looks to be the star of the group by a long shot if he can make it to free agency. Both A.J. Green and Emanuel Sanders are veterans who will look to make one last run. Robby Anderson could be a wild card who could lift a team to the next level. We will just have to wait and see if the next few weeks to see if these wide receivers will shake up the NFL landscape.

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