Jalen Reagor: A Fantasy WR 1 Threat

Jalen Reagor

Jalen Reagor is one of the more interesting prospects in this fantasy football season. For one many people may have underestimated the amount of talent he has. Today we will look at what he can become for the Eagles. I will be honest I pinned him at wide receiver 5 coming out of the draft. I thought he was a tier below the other receivers in the draft and did not think he would end up in Philadelphia. Throughout the process though I was always intrigued by Reagor especially if he ended up in a terrific landing spot. Well he did and now we have to take him more seriously. Let us break down why Jalen Reagor is a fantasy football wide receiver 1 threat.

College Production

            Reagor was a standout during his time at TCU where he broke out his first year at age 19. During his career at TCU he was a big play receiver never averaging less than 14 yards per catch per season. During the 2018 season he had 72 receptions on 133 targets for over 1000 yards and 9 touchdowns. The one thing we do see during his career was inconsistent quarterback play. Last season he had less than a 50% catch rate which is not ideal but people need to realize it was not all his fault. TCU never had a talented quarterback and that hurt Reagor’s production. Reagor did have some issues with drops due to what seems to be a lack in concentration but that can be fixed.

            What Jalen Reagor brings in term of is game is an explosiveness that will exploit defenses. He has super speed that sadly was not shown at his combine. Many have said he put on a little weight and that could have hurt him. During his pro day he ran an electric unofficial 4.2 which equates to a 4.35. The point is the time does not really matter officially or unofficially but he proved that speed that we see on tape. He has a burst percentile in the 99th percentile which is just insane. Reagor is a versatile prospect who also is very good with contested catches. To me his stretch the field ability with that ability to win contested catches will make him a big play potential on the field.

Reagor has an explosive ability seen in some of his highlights.

Eagles 2019 Receivers

            There is no surprise that the Eagles receiving core was in shambles last year. Desean Jackson played only 3 games last year while Jeffrey played 10 games but was not as consistent. We see him having games of 9 catches and others with 3. This also could be because he was the only target on the outside for those bigger games. Both Jackson and Jeffrey are older and both have question marks going into next year.  We also saw rookie J.J. Arcega-Whiteside struggle to develop last year. He was not targeted much and showed inability to find any separation. Outside of these 3 players no other receivers stand out that are on the roster for the upcoming year.

Jalen Reagor as a WR 1

            Looking at his production and the competition on the roster I see a clear path to having fantasy 1 production potential. On the roster no receiver was impressive last year on this roster. Both Jackson and Jeffrey as we see were injured to end the year and it may be tough for them to bounce back. If one or both of them were to slip Reagor could easily slide into that role. We also know that the Eagles need to have that deep threat potential for their offense. That is one of the reason why they brought Jackson back last offseason was to extend the field. Reagor is a more explosive version of Jackson at the current moment. Do not be surprised if he jumps him on the depth chart. 

Jalen Reagor 2
Reagor can be a potential wide receiver 1 in the making for fantasy football.


            Jalen Reagor possesses an impressive skill set that shows both an explosive player and an ability to win contested catches. He had a tremendous career during his time at TCU and broke out earlier than most. Landing in Philadelphia was the perfect situation for his physical abilities. I am excited to see what he can do this year and in the future. The path for him to become a wide receiver 1 in fantasy football is there now he just has to conquer it. 

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