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New York Giants draft gettleman
Will Gettleman have another successful draft?

The New York Giants draft currently will start at the overall number 4 spot this offseason. That does not mean the Giants need to stay there however. There are several options the Giants could do at this position. Of course they can keep the pick and draft for some of the several needs they need. These include most importantly an offensive tackle or star defensive player. There can also be an argument made that the Giants should trade back. We will tell you why this is a real possibility. Let us look at the New York Giants draft options.

Keep the Pick and Draft a Tackle

The first option that the Giants have for this draft is the one we give them in our mock draft. The Giants need to improve their offensive line if they want to be a contender. The Giants struggled at times opening holes for Barkley and protecting Jones in the offense. Specifically the Giants struggles on the left side where they ranked 29th in adjusted line yards. Several players who could be picked here are Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs, or Mekhi Becton. Thomas and Wirfs are more talented than Becton but things can certainly change over the course of the next few weeks. It all depends on who the Giants see being their guy and with the success Gettleman had drafting we should trust his decision here.

tristan wirfs
Wirfs could be the Giants saving grace on the line.

Keep the Pick and Draft Isaiah Simmons

If you have not watched Isaiah Simmons play I suggest you watch his tape. He is a hybrid linebacker who can rush the quarterback and cover the field like a safety. Simmons is excellent in the run game and uses his speed to track down opposing rushers. He has excellent pass coverage skills and can match up against opposing tight ends and even receivers. Simmons is the complete package at a position the Giants do not usually invest high capital in. You have to go back to both Carl Banks and Lawrence Taylor to find first round linebackers. However this year the Giants could add Simmons to that list. If the Giants feel that they can get offensive line help later in the draft Simmons would be the easy target. That is of course if they decide to stay at the 4th overall draft spot.

Trade Back for Picks

As much as I think the Giants need to fill a position of need or add the best player trading back could make sense. The first part of this would to identify the possible suitors for a trade up. If we look at the three picks behind them we see three teams that potentially could draft a quarterback. Assuming that Joe Burrow goes to the Bengals that leaves both Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert as possible franchise quarterbacks. I have the three quarterbacks listed as first round value and all projected in the top 10. If the Chargers or Panthers feel one of the two may be worth drafting they will most likely have to jump the Dolphins to ensure one of them. The Giants could be a very suitable option for that trade.

How many teams will need a quarterback this year?
Who’s Available

The next step of this for the Giants would be to attempt to identify the available players at that trade back spot. If the Giants feel a player may not be there, such like we saw Daniel Jones last year, they should not draft back. This year it would be more acceptable because they need offensive and defensive line help. Let us look at who is ahead of the Giants. The Bengals should draft Burrow, the Redskins Chase Young, and the Lions either a cornerback or potentially quarterback. Although the Giants would love Young they most likely will not be getting him. If the Lions take a quarterback then expect a team to offer the Giants a ton for their pick. The teams behind the Giants are most likely drafting a quarterback so regardless of if the Giants draft back they should be able to get a tackle or Simmons.

The Return

            Knowing that the Giants would be able to get a tackle or Simmons is crucial to the trade back argument. Seeing the option available only strengthens the idea of trading back. So what could the Giants get? Let’s discuss a similar move made by the New York Jets in the 2018 draft. During that time the Jets traded pick number 6, 2 seconds that year and a second last year for number 3. Being in a similar ball park the Giants should hope to receiver at least two seconds if not more for their pick. Think of all the positional needs with quality players they can fill. The skills positions are very deep this year. It makes sense to trade back and get Simmons or a tackle plus 3 more quality players. It could progress the Giants into contenders this year or next by improving their team as a whole.

Jets colts trade
Colts got a load back when they traded back in 2018.


Again I would not hate if the Giants decide to keep the fourth pick and draft a player of need or Isaiah Simmons. Whichever tackle they draft could be an instant starter and Simmons could be the impact player the defense needs. I just propose the idea that if the Giants were to trade back they can still get one of the 3 top tackles or the best linebacker coming out. With the extra picks they could also fill positions of needs and add depth to strengthen their skills positions. Of course it all comes down to Gentleman’s intuition as we prepare for another New York Giants draft.

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