New York Giants Draft Review

our offensive guys Thomas
Thomas should be a solid starter by day 1 in the NFL.

The NFL draft is over and it is time to review the New York Giants draft! We will break it down pick by pick and round by round. For this draft it was clear what Dave Gettleman’s plan was which was to rebuild this line. Three out of his first 5 picks were offensive lineman and they grabbed a top tackle with their first round pick. I also think this team grabbed a ton of defensive depth and had a very good value pick in the second round. So now let us break down the New York Giants draft!

1st Round Pick: Andrew Thomas (OT)

            For those who did not care about who the Giants grabbed as long as it was a tackle you then love this pick. For those who wanted a specific tackle let me tell you why you should not be upset with Thomas. Thomas to me is the most pro ready left tackle out of all of the tackles that were selected in round 1. He is great in the run game which should great help out Barkley as this team shifts to a more run heavy approach. He also was very solid with his pass blocking ability in several big match ups within the SEC. Yes he does need to polish his technique just a little bit but he should be able to start right away. To me getting a true left tackle of his caliber was a slam dunk as I have long said the Giants should draft him.

Grade: A

2nd Round Pick: Xavier McKinney (S)

            McKinney was a terrific pick here within the New York Giants draft. For one a ton of people included myself had McKinney going in the first round. Safeties normally do not go in the first round but I felt McKinney had a talent level worthy of that. He is quick, athletic and can track the ball down in the secondary. He also has a terrific ability to meet the run at the line of scrimmage to make plays. Each of his last two seasons he had 3 sacks which is very impressive for a college safety. He fills a need in the Giants secondary at a draft capital that should make him startable sometime in year one.

Grade: A

New York Giants Draft Mckinney
McKinney was a terrific value pick for the Giants.

3rd Round Comp Pick: Matt Peart (OT)

            Peart is a very large lineman who can real help out this struggling offensive line. He is not going to be as highly regarded of a player like Thomas but he can do very good things. With his size he has a ton of length and he does have some athleticism to him. He is going to need some time to develop and get stronger. Maybe he becomes the future for the Giants at right tackle and pairs with Thomas to protect Danny Dimes. To me this was a very solid pick to me as I love the upside Peart brings. The team could have also went edge here but taking another offensive lineman was solid.

Grade: B+

4th Round Pick: Darnay Holmes (CB)

            There is no surprise that the Giants needed some help in their secondary. Holmes is a quality pick up that will help them. Holmes is a bit shorter which may push him in the slot but he is very physical and aggressive. He was very good during his career at UCLA but he has some technical issues. In these rounds it is important to try to find a player with potential and Holmes could be that guy. Again he is not going to start right away as he needs some development. Down the road though he could be a quality role player.

Draft Grade: B

New York Giants draft
Holmes could fill the void as a slot corner back.

5th Round Pick: Shane Lemieux (OG)

            Lemieux was a very solid prospect to me coming out of Oregon. He was one of the leaders on that interior that was very good for Herbert all year. Lemieux is a very tough player who shows a distinct intelligence with the game. He does need to fix his technique as he struggled at time in pass protection. However with his work ethic and intangibles for the game look for him to have some type of role down the line.

Grade: B

6th Round Pick: Cam Brown (OLB)

            At this point in the draft you are just hoping to find a player who could develop into a starter. Brown has a ton of potential due to his athleticism. On tape you can see him be moved around all over the field as Penn St got the most out of his athleticism. He does need to sure up his tackling and playmaking ability in the passing game. Yet with a guy of his athleticism the upside is there if he can develop.

Grade: C

new york giants draft brown
Cam Brown has a ton of athleticism that could help him in the NFL.

7th Round Picks: Carter Coughlin, TJ Brunson, Chris Williamson, Tae Crowder

            The Giants scored a ton of defensive players with their last round pick. A lot of these guys will most likely just be developmental players. Maybe they make the roster or maybe they do not. TJ Brunson is a very good inside linebacker who could surprise some people. Coughlin was a key player in Minnesota’s rise this past season. Yet overall these guys will just be the practice squad players who could make a starting gig.

Grade: C-

The New York Giants draft was overall a really good draft in my opinion. Again it all depends if you were high on Thomas before the draft. We had Thomas as our top rated tackle who could start right away for a team who needs it. So regardless of how you spin it that was a win for us. They also added a terrific value pick in McKinney who could be a stud. Overall I love what the Giants did in this draft attacking the offensive line. Let us know what you think about the New York Giants draft!

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