New York Giants Schedule Breakdown

New York Giants Schedule

            The New York Giants schedule is officially out and we are super excited for the season ahead. We have talked about how pleased we have been with the Giants free agency and draft as they addressed several big needs. Although they are much improved their schedule is daunting. This could be one of the hardest schedules we have seen the Giants have in a long time. Today we will simply break down the New York Giants schedule in terms of match up difficulty and games were excited for. Next week we will give a preliminary Giants prediction with the schedule as there is still plenty of offseason left. So without further hesitation lets break down this New York Giants Schedule.

Difficulty Scale

5 – Super Tough

4 – Not the Best Odds

3 – Could go Either Way

2 – Giants have the Advantage

1 – Should Win

Week 1: vs Steelers (MNF)

            How can we not be excited for week 1 football! All offseason we have prepared for this and the Giants get to open up the Monday Night Football slate. A match up that rarely happens is exciting and a formidable opponent. The Steelers have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball and this one should be fun!

Match Up Rating: 3

Week 2: @Chicago

            The Giants first road game comes against the Bears. Chicago is a tough place to play but I do not see them being that good offensively. The Giants defense should be able to build some momentum here. The Bears defensive tough will be a handful and Thomas will have his first true test in Mack. This one seems like a slight Giants advantage though. 

Match Up Rating: 2

Week 3: vs San Francisco

            Whenever you get a shot at the defending NFC champs it is exciting. This will truly be a test to gauge the expectations of the Giants for the rest of the season. They are home which gives them a little hope. The 49ers though just are more talented at all 3 levels of the game. Danny Dimes will have to be special to win this one.

Match Up Rating: 5

New York Giants Schedule Bosa 49ers
The 49ers will be a big test for the Giants in week 3.

Week 4: @ LA Rams

            I will be blunt I do not think the Rams will be that good this year. That being said it is always tough to go on the road in the league. What will be a huge factor in this game is the Giants pass rush. We know they are not as talented there but the Rams offensive line is a weak spot. Maybe they can get some pressure and squeak this out. For now it is a toss up.

Match up Rating: 3

Weeks 5: @Dallas

            First of two match ups is at the Cowboys. The Cowboys again will be at top of the NFC as they have talent all over the place. They have numerous weapons and the defensive front is solid. The Giants could have an advantage in the passing game if Danny Dimes plays well. The Giants have only won once at Dallas in the last 7 tries.

Match Up Rating: 5

Week 6: vs Washington 

            I see no reason the Giants should lose to Washington at home. The swept the Redskins last year and have won 4 out of the last 5. They are more talented this year on both sides of the balls to me and this is a must win game. Danny Dimes is the better quarterback than Haskins and he has to win this game. Note this home game is between two road division match ups making it way more important.

Match Up Rating: 1

Week 7: @Philadelphia

            Another very difficult road match up against a better division opponent. The Giants have only one win against the Eagles in the last 6 seasons. They also have not won in Phili since 2013. The Eagles have a tremendous defense that could give the Giants trouble. Slay is a top notch cornerback. Their offense has weapons and the Giants have struggled to contain Ertz. I do not know if they can win this one.

Match Up Rating: 5

Week 8: vs Tampa Bay (MNF)

            The hyped up Bucs come to town on Eli Mannings retirement night. So fitting for a player who beat Brady in the Super Bowl twice. There is reason why I think the Giants could win this game. Evans has historically struggled against Bradberry. If Bradberry can shut down Evans than the Giants could game plan against the other weapons. It will not be easy but I think there is a chance.

Match Up Rating: 4

New York Giants Schedule Bucs Brady
Monday night football verse the Bucs will be a good one!

Week 9: @Washington

            Second match up against Washington. Giants still are the better team but being on the road is always tough. Never the less they have the advantage to me and have to win.

Match Up Rating: 2

Week 10: vs Philadelphia

            Again this will be tough as I think the Eagles are the better team. Yet being at home does give the Giants some bit of a hope. Interesting to note the Giants have 5 division games in 6 weeks which could make or break their season.

Match Up Rating: 4

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: @Cincinnati 

            Coming of the bye it is critical for the Giants to get a win. They will be well rested against an inferior Bengals team. Yes the Bengals have improved with Joe Burrow and some quality defensive signings. Yet I think they are still one year away from being a top notch team. Giants offense should thrive in this must win game.

Match Up Rating: 1

Week 13: @Seattle

            If there was ever a game that jumped as the hardest game on the schedule it was this one.  The Giants have not won against the Seahawks during the Russell Wilson era and to be honest it has not been close. I see a Seahawks team that could be exploited up the defensive front but not much else. Being at home is to much of an advantage and this Seahawks team is just that good.

Match Up Rating: 5

New York Giants Schedule century link field
Playing at Seattle could be the toughest road game of the year.

Week 14: vs Arizona

            The Giants got destroyed by Arizona last year and I do not really know why. I mean yes the Cardinals ran all over the Giants but they did not seem the better team. This year I think these teams are very even again to me. Can the Giants hold up against this tough offense is the key. I think the Giants could score points but they will have to stop this rushing attack. Due to last years result I will keep this as a toss up.

Match Up Rating: 3

Week 15: vs Cleveland

            The Odell Beckham reunion game! The Browns are a very good team on paper. Their offense has plenty of weapons and Stefanski brings coaching success. The Giants will have to stop the run. Defensively the Browns have some very good players. Yet I think the Giants could have some success on the ground game. Being at Metlife I put this as a toss up.

Match Up Rating: 3

Week 16: @Baltimore

            The Giants will have their hands full against this Ravens offense like every other team. The Ravens just are a unique offense that has more playmakers than they could start. The defense of Baltimore is solid on all three phases. This game could be a lot less meaningful if the Ravens have things wrapped up but I still see them playing. This will be an uphill battle for the Giants.

Match Up Rating: 5

New York Giants Schedule Lamar Jackson
A game against Lamar Jackson will be both tough and fun.

Week 17: vs Dallas

            Last week against the Cowboys at home. Again I see the Cowboys as being the better team but home finales are always fun. I see the Giants trying to win this one for their fans so I will call it a toss up.

Match Up Rating: 3

There you have it a complete breakdown of the New York Giants schedule. Next week we will be doing game by game predictions based on the New York Giants schedule. This team has a ton of talent in my eyes but the schedule is not friendly. If they want to make a run at the playoffs they will have to win some difficult match ups. Let us know what game you are looking forward to most in the New York Giants schedule.

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