New York Jets Draft Review and Grades

New York Jets Draft

The New York Jets draft is over and boy did they do a terrific job with this draft. They not only secured a tackle with their first overall pick but they added weapons for Sam Darnold on the outside. Today we are going to break down the New York Jets draft round by round and give you our honest opinions about their picks. These of course are going to be subjective and we will give you our honest take. If you do not agree tell us why! So without further hesitation let us give you our New York Jets draft review with grades.

1st Round Pick: Mekhi Becton (OT)

            The New York Jets did what they needed to do with their first round pick and grabbed a tackle. Becton has a ton of upside and is very, very large. He comes in at 6 foot 7 inches and is an athletic freak. To me Becton is a player who does need some polishing of his technique. Yet with only 2 of the big 4 tackles left on the board you cannot blame the Jets for taking Becton here. Now yes some may argue that Wirfs may be the better prospect and yes I did have him higher on my rankings. Yet you cannot blame the Jets for taking Becton as with his size his ceiling is much higher than Wirfs. So I am just going to say that this was a very good pick and if Becton can develop this is a win for the Jets.

Grade: A

The Jets first round selection Mekhi Becton.

2nd Round Pick: Denzel Mims (WR)

            YES! YES! YES! So the Jets decided to trade back at first and I was concerned they would miss out on a top receiver prospect. Higgins and Pittman Jr. went with the first two picks of the second round. Mims to me was the next guy up who could become a tremendous player. So not only did the Jets get some type of capital they got Mims! Mims ran a 4.38 and had a speed score that is in the 96th percentile! One of the best traits that Mims has is his large catch radius. Mims has a catch radius of 10.34 which is in the 96th percentile. He does need to polish some things up with his technique but this is by far as good as a pick the Jets could have asked for.

Grade: A+

New York Jets Draft mims
Mims was a terrific pick in the second round for the Jets.

3rd Round Picks: Ashtyn Davis (S), Jabari Zuniga (DE)

            The third round selections for the Jets were a bit perplexing to me. For one I do like Davis as a prospect. He is a very talented safety who can be a physical presence for this secondary. Yet to me safety is not a top priority for this team. They could have used some help at cornerback or even taken another player on the offensive side of the ball. It is also important to note that has been talk of switching Davis to a nickel cornerback yet we must grade on how we see the pick. Zuniga is a player that could make an impact for this team. He is very explosive from the edge position. If he can fix his technique a bit and be used properly watch out for him as a playmaker. Overall this was a solid but not great round for the Jets.

Grade: B

4th Round Picks: La’Mical Perrine (RB), James Morgan (QB), Cameron Clark (OT)

            The Jets picked some several interesting prospects in the 1st round. Their first choice was Perrine who is a very shifty back. He did not have the best combine but I see him being a change of pace back for this team. He is very good as a receiver and could take some pressure off Bell. I do not understand the James Morgan pick. This team did not need to draft a backup quarterback this early when several good secondary prospects were still on the board. I also like the Clark pick. He is a solid small school player who can be a developmental prospect for this rough offensive line. Overall this round was not the best for the team but it could have been worse.

Grade: C

5th Round Draft Choice: Bryce Hall (CB)

            Two years can really make a difference for a player. Before this past season Hall was considered a top cornerback prospect for his play. Many had him as a clear first rounder and I thought he could be highly sought after. Well things did not go as plan for him and he had to get ankle surgery this past season. This is a big cause for concern but I love his upside here. For one it is a 5th round selection which is a small draft capital to play. If there is any chance he can get back to his 2018 form then he becomes a huge steal. The upside is tremendous as his physical play could allow him to shutdown opposing receivers. Again there is risk but I like this pick a lot.

Grade: B

New York Jets hall
If Hall returns to form from his injury he could be a steal.

6th Round Draft Choice: Braden Mann (P)

            Mann was a very good punter out of Texas A&M. Do not really have much more to add to that.

Grade: B

There you have it a complete recap with grades for the New York Jets draft. They had some very good picks early in the draft with some value picks throughout the draft. The Jets may still have some rebuilding to do but they certainly added key pieces. Bectan and Mims will certainly help out this offensive unit. To me this was a very ideal New York Jets draft and the fans should be happy with the outcome! Moving forward we will start breaking down the Jets offseason and soon will give our predictions for the team. We hope you all enjoyed the draft!

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