New York Jets First Round Draft Options

Jets First round draft

The New York Jets first round draft pick could go several different ways. They are in desperate need of an offensive lineman and could use an improvement at the skill positions. The Jets have multiple draft picks in the third and could potentially use one to trade up. The Jets more importantly will want to look at the teams in front of them and could be in a bidding war. Let us discuss the possible options we see for the Jets in this draft.

Trade Up for a Tackle

The Jets offensive line was a complete mess this past season. They struggled to open up holes for the run game and could not pass protect. In this draft there are 3 to 4 really talented tackles who could become instant starters. Jedrick Wills, Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs and Mekhi Becton all could be top 15 picks. After this group there is a huge drop off in talent. The question for the Jets is do they value a guy over the others. With the Giants, Chargers, Cardinals and Browns all in play for a tackle the Jets may need to move up. They may also just want to jump the Browns to get a guy like Tristan Wirfs who I project to go in that spot. As draft night begins the Jets should get a feel for the flow and jump on a trade if it appears.

jets first round draft
Wirfs could be a prize possession for the Jets.

Stay put and Draft a Tackle

As you can see I highly recommend the Jets first round draft pick be a tackle. Although the Giants, Chargers, Cardinals and Browns are in play to draft a tackle it does not mean they will. The Giants and Chargers in particular have ties to Simmons or a quarterback respectively. The Jets may just want to sit and wait to see if any of the 4 tackles fall to them. Yes this could mean that they could get the leftovers of the group. However any of the four tackles could be very good for a team needing an instant starter. They key is for the Jets to decide feel any of the guys have any question marks. If that is the case and the Jets grade one of the four tackles less than what the consensus think they it would almost put them in a position to trade up like I previously stated.

Draft Jerry Jeudy/Ceedee Lamb

Is there a chance that Jerry Jeudy falls all the way down to pick 11? Do the Jets potentially land the explosive Ceedee Lamb? Both are these are real possibilities. With Robby Anderson hitting free agency the Jets will have to find a playmaker for Sam Darnold. Imagine if Jeudy fell to this spot! The Jets could potentially have an elite playmaker for the next 8 to 10 years to pair with Darnold. Lamb potentially could also have as much as an impact as any player in this draft due to his explosive nature. If the Jets decide to move on from Anderson or that they need a gifted playmaker both could fit that mold. This of course only should be the move if the Jets do not land an offensive tackle or feel the need to draft one of the two at this spot.

Jeudy or Lamb would be huge for the Jets.

Trade Back if they Miss out

This is by far the last resort for the Jets first round draft pick and I do not recommend it. However if all 4 tackles are drafted and the two receivers are off the board the Jets should consider trading back. The one thing I do not want to see them doing is reaching on a player when they could trade back and gain more picks. This again will all be dependent on whether or not they miss out on the above players.


With the Jets drafting from the 11 spot they will have to decide whether or not there is a prospect they love to move up. I am 100% on the fact the Jets need to draft an offensive tackle even if it means trading up. If they feel there are several players they like and could stay put then they should. You never want a team giving up draft assets if they do not need to but I would not want them missing out on a prospect. Again if they want a playmaker and Jeudy or Lamb is there I would not hate the pick but I would not recommend it. With the combine coming up we will see if one of the tackles separate themselves from the rest. Until then we wait to see what the Jets should do.

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