New York Jets Free Agency Grades

Jets free agency grades

The free agency period is all but done so it is time to bring out some Jets free agency grades. The Jets made some smaller moves this offseason that hopefully will help the team. However after spending big in last season’s free agency the Jets were in no shape to make a big splash. With several positions of needs and some key contributors leaving in free agency the Jets filled as much as they could. You may or may not agree with us but these are our honest and subjective views. Let us break down our Jets free agency grades on their offseason moves.

Breshad Perriman: $8 Million ($6 Million guaranteed)

            With the Jets losing Robby Anderson to free agency they needed to bring in a receiver. Yes Perriman is a quality receiver but I do not see him as a true number 1 receiver. This whole perspective can change if the Jets draft a receiver but for now this is how I see it. Perriman was the beneficiary of being in a pass heavy offense that lost all its top wide outs. There is no surprise his numbers increased once Evans and Godwin went down because they had no one else to throw to. In the last 3 games he did go above 100 yards each game and had 4 touchdowns. He did have 17.9 yards per catch which could be exciting if the team can use him properly. The contract does not hurt the Jets at all which is good but I just am not 100% sold on Perriman yet.

Grade: C+

Connor McGovern: 3 year $27 Million ($18 million guaranteed)

            The Jets offensive line was brutal last year so any upgrade can be seen as a win. McGovern was a very talented player for the Broncos who can come in and bring some stability on the interior line. McGovern had no penalties last year and is very durable. Throughout the year he also only let up 1 sack, 3 quarterback hits and 15 hurries on 609 pass blocking plays. That is an incredible stat for a guy who just started his second full year. He can play both center and guard which could help the Jets depending on how the rest of the line shapes out. Although the full contract has not been released as a player I really like this signing. It may be a bit expensive but McGovern should make big improvements for the Jets’ pass blocking.

Grade: A-

Greg Van Roten: 3 years $10 Million ($3 million guaranteed)

            Again the Jets offensive line was bad last year so getting a solid player for cheap is a win. No Van Roten will not blow you away but you get someone who can be startable. Last year Van Roten gave up 2 penalties and only allowed one sack. Yet he was given an average PFF grade of 65.6. He was inconsistent at times with his pass blocking that could have stemmed from how bad the Panthers line was. He is coming off a season ending toe injury which could be a concern. The good news for the Jets is the contract they signed with him allows for an out after one year. So think of this as a test run and if it works out Jets fan should be thrilled. If it does not the team just moves on.

Grade: B

jets free agency grades roten
Can Van Roten build this Jets offensive line up?

George Fant: 3 years $27.3 Million ($8.85 guaranteed)

            Sticking with the theme of building an offensive line the Jets signed Fant to a three year deal. Just like with the others built into the contract is a one year out clause which protect the Jets long term if things do not work. Again just like with the other signings this ensures a low risk high reward type contract. Fant has a slight injury history has he blew out his acl a few years back. He has never fully been a starter has not started in the majority of games he played. He had an average PFF grade but his limited snaps and pass protection numbers is a reason for concerned. Last year he gave up 2 sacks, 2 quarterback hits and 20 pressures. He is very athletic but if he cannot improve his pass protection it could be a concern for this team.

Grade: C+

Pierre Desir: 1 year deal

            Another short term deal for the Jets is for cornerback Desir. Desir has had 2 complete different seasons over the past two years. Two years ago he was outstanding and was rewarded a contract extension. Last year he was not leading to his release. This move adds some competition to a position that has been weakest for the Jets defense. Last year he allowed 4 touchdowns and a passer rating of 103.7 to opposing quarterbacks. Again this is not great but the Jets certainly do not have any playmakers in this area. With no value released on the contract it is hard to gauge how to grade this based on contract. I would assume it’s a smaller number that will allow him to try to earn a starting spot without overdoing if he cannot.

Grade: C

jets free agency grades desir
Can Desir return to his 2018 form for the Jets?

These are just a few of the Jets signings that they made during the free agency. They did resign a couple of players but we will not touch on that. These are our honest Jets free agency grades based on our own subjective views and the contracts. With the draft coming up the Jets will have to make plenty of moves to bolster this roster. That may or may not change my Jets free agency grades but for now this is where I stand. Keep tuning in as we continue to give you content during these tough times.

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