New York Jets Schedule Breakdown

New York Jets Schedule

The New York Jets schedule is out and it is time to break everything down. Today we will be looking at the New York Jets schedule and giving a difficulty rating for each week. The Jets have filled some of the holes they had offensively in the offseason. The biggest thing is can the young guys deliver? The New York Jets schedule looks a bit brutal to not going to lie. Next week we will be building off this article for our game by game predictions. Never the less let us tell you which games are more winnable than others!

Difficulty Scale

5 – Super Tough

4 – Not the Best Odds

3 – Could go Either Way

2 – Jets have the Advantage

1 – Should Win

Week 1: @Buffalo 

            Buffalo will be a tough first game. The Jets have won 3 out of the last 4 against the Bills but this team is different. Buffalo’s defense continues to look scary good and they added an top notch receiver in Stefon Diggs. The Jets defense will be test but the real question mark is on the offensive line. Can they hold up? They will be tested in this early game on the road.

Match Up Rating: 5

Week 2: Vs San Francisco 

            Big time match up early in the year verse the defending NFC champs. This home opener is very exciting yet challenging. The 49ers did not lose much in the offseason and they should just be as strong. This match up could be a good gauge of how good the Jets will be this season. Hopefully they can be competitive being at home but this one will be super tough.

Match Up Rating: 5

New York Jets Schedule 49ers
The 49ers will be a huge test for the Jets in week 2.

Week 3: @Indianapolis

            The Colts bring an intriguing match up. They have definitely improved on the defensive side of the ball with Buckner on the interior. If Rhodes can somewhat come back to his previous form this team could be dangerous. Offensively they have some weapons yet I like the match up for the Jets defense. This is a road game so it could be more difficult yet I do not see it being completely unwinnable. 

Match Up Rating: 4

Week 4: Vs Denver (TNF)

            Denver comes in reloaded on both sides of the ball. Yes I do think they will be much improved but this early in the season they may not be clicking. The development of Drew Lock will also be key for this unit. I expect the Jets to be able to compete with Denver especially with this being a prime time game. Look for this to be a toss up.

Match Up Rating: 3

Week 5: Vs Arizona

            The Cardinals are another team that has improved a lot this offseason. The addition of Hopkins is big for a team that had some weapons on offense. The Jets secondary will have to hold up in this one. The Cardinals defense has some talented players and I like the addition of Simmons. Yet being at home should give the Jets a small advantage in this one.

Match Up Rating: 2

Week 6: @Los Angeles Chargers

            Being on the road is always tougher but the Chargers have some question marks. Of course we do not know if the quarterback situation will pan out. They do have a quality defensive line and secondary so they Jets offense will be tested. Yet I think if the Jets can catch some breaks this game could be a toss up. 

Match Up Rating: 3

Week 7: Vs Buffalo Bills

            The Jets get Buffalo again at home in week 7. The Jets have lost the last 2 home games verse the Bills. Again we reiterate the Bills look like the best team in the division. Being at home helps the Jets yet it will not be easy. 

Match Up Rating: 4

Week 8: @Kansas City Chiefs

            Not only do the Jets play the NFC champions but they have to play the Super Bowl champions. We know what the Chiefs have. Explosive offense that features Patrick Mahomes. A very solid defense but they lost some players in the secondary. They probably have the biggest home field advantage in the NFL. This game will almost be impossible for the Jets.

Match Up Rating: 5

New York Jets Schedule Mahomes
The Jets biggest game of the season will be at the Chiefs.

Week 9: Vs New England (MNF)

            We know the Patriots lost Brady. Other than that the offense is intact. Depending on how Stidham plays this year they can be either competitive or in rough shape. Defensively they return a top notch secondary and will have a ton of guys featured. Yet there are more holes than in years past. The Jets certainly can win this one. They also could certainly use it. We won’t look at the recent records solely because Brady is not there.

Match Up Rating: 3

Week 10,12: @Miami, Vs Miami

            The Jets play Miami in back to back games with a bye in between them. I do not remember a time where that happened. Miami has improved a ton this year especially on the defensive side of the ball. Byron Jones and Kyle Van Noy were terrific pick ups for the scheme they want to run. The defensive line also has some playmakers. The Jets receivers in Perriman and Mims hopefully would have made strides midseason. They will have to have big games and lean on Bell to exploit this rush defense. 

Offensively the Dolphins look improved but the offensive line will have to develop quickly this year. I like the skills players they have but do not love them. The quarterback situation will be intriguing as well. If Tua is healthy he has great upside but that is a big if. The Jets defense should be able to match up well with them. The Jets have only won 2 out of the last 8 match ups against the Dolphins which is not good. Both games are winnable but could go either way.

Match Ups Rating: 3

Week 13: Vs Las Vegas

            Las Vegas on paper looks to be an improved team but I personally think they are a year away. They have a very young core group of players especially on the defensive side of the ball. They do have Jacobs which I am very high on at running back and Corey Littleton at linebacker who could be a leader. Yet I do not see the Raiders being more talented than the Jets. It is not a sure thing but the Jets should have the upper hand.

Match Up Rating: 2

Week 14: @Seattle

            Going to Seattle is a very, very tough task. Wilson will have that offense rolling and I do not see the Jets being able to stop him. Defensively the Seahawks are talented on the back two levels but lack playmakers up front. If the Jets could give Darnold a chance maybe he pulls it out. But in this environment it is highly unlikely. 

Match Up Rating: 5

century link field
Playing at Seattle could be one the toughest road games of the year.

Week 15: @Los Angeles Rams

            I am one who is not to high on the Rams this year. They did not address the offensive line and I see the run game being irrelevant. Goff struggles under pressure so the Jets will have to get a ton of it. The Rams also lost a ton on the defense. They still do have a top defensive line with Donald and Brockers so the Jets lineman will have to hold up. Being on the road makes this a toss up but I like the Jets odds.

Match Up Rating: 3

Week 16: Vs Cleveland

            Cleveland is a very good team. I like Stefanski with this unit and think that Chubb could have an awesome year. The Jets defense will have their hands full with this style of offense in my opinion. The offensive line has improved now Baker just has to deliver. The Browns also have playmakers at all 3 levels on defense. Being at home helps but this will be a tough one. 

Match Up Rating: 4 

Week 17: @New England

            The Jets play New England on the road to finish the season. Again the Patriots has playmakers but it comes down to the quarterback Stidham. This game will be a toss up for me. 

Match Up Rating: 3

The New York Jets schedule has a ton of quality opponents on it. Yes I believe the Jets had a good draft but it may not be enough. They do have some winnable games but the AFC and NFC West will be a challenge. Next week we will be bringing you a record based on the New York Jets schedule. Yes it is very early but we are very excited for this offseason! Let us know how you think the Jets will be next year and keep tuning in. 

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