NFL Combine: What you need to Know

NFL Combine

The NFL combine officially starts today. Yes players will not be working out until Thursday but the first few days are very important as well. If you have not checked out the list of combine attendees I would definitely do so. Today we will tell you what you can look forward to over the next few days of the NFL Combine. We will also talk about a few players we are interested in watching this NFL combine.

Pre-Work Out Schedule

            Different positions will be stagnated for arrival throughout the week. Tight ends, quarterbacks and wide receivers today; special teamers, offensive lineman and running back Monday; defensive lineman and linebackers Tuesday; and defensive backs Wednesday. The days leading up to player’s workout consist of interviews, media interaction, measurements and the bench press. Players also will go through medical and psychological testing as well during the opening days.

Interviews allow for the coaching staff to get to know the players. Players will have interviews with multiple people and specifically their position coach. Media interaction also is important for the player to share a bit of their personality with the media. Perhaps one of the most important part of the combine is the measurement process. Measurements could make or break a player if they are deemed too small or too large for their specific position. Measurements of arms and hands will be taken as well in order gauge a player’s complete frame. The bench is also very important as it gauges an individual’s strength. Medical test also allow to see if a player may have injury concerns which could impact their draft stock.

NFL Combine measurements
Players go through a variety of measurements.

Workout Schedule

            The workout schedule will begin on Thursday and run until next week. The first day of workouts on Thursday will consist of tight ends, quarterbacks and wide receivers. Friday the combine workouts will consist of special team players, offensive lineman and running backs. On Saturday we will see defensive lineman and linebackers. The final day on Sunday we will see the defensive backs. Players depart from the combine the day out after their workout. For several players not already projected high the combine can raise or dip their respective stock.

            Several key events during a player’s workout are gauged more based on their respective position. One of the biggest events is the 40 yard dash. This sprint is done to show a players ability to show explosiveness and overall speed. Players who not only run fast but show a burst during the first 10 yards often tend to have their stock rise. Another two events that is key for scouting is the vertical and broad jump. Both of these show a players ability to be explosive with their lower body. This explosiveness is key when looking at wide receivers starting their routes or lineman getting out of their stance on both sides.

The 40 yard dash from 2019.

            Two other major events are the three cone drill and the shuttle run. The three cone drill allows for players to show their ability to change their direction at a high speed. This is crucial in the game as a play or opposing player could change direction in an instant. The shuttle run shows a player’s lateral quickness and explosiveness in short area. Both of these are key factors when showing if a player has the abilities scouts look for in a playmaker.

Players to Watch

            Of course I will be looking at the majority of players to see if someone can separate themselves from the rest. However there are several things I will be looking for in particular. The first is whether or not Jordan Love performs well. Love to me is the definition of a boom or bust candidate. His ceiling is great as potentially the 4th quarterback off the board but he could flop. He in particular is someone I will be watching closely. The second thing I will be looking at is who wins the 40 time with the wide receivers. A lot of the top wide receivers have said they could run in the 4.3s. Whoever gets there instantly has their stock raised to me. The offensive tackle position to will be interesting. Several guys at the top will have to separate themselves from the rest.

The last thing I will want to see which defenders shines at their respective skill level. We know Chase Young, Jeffery Okudah and Isaiah Simmons are the top guys talked about at their respective areas. A lot of people including myself believe that it is not even close. However if one of the secondary rushers, linebackers or cornerbacks performs super well that gap can close. I am interested to see how Yeter Gross-Matos, C.J. Henderson, Grant Delpit and Kenneth Murray will perform. These are talents players who have been in the shadows of the top talent. They all have their question marks but they are all guys I am particularly high on.

NFL Combine Gross-Matos
Can Gross-Matos deliver a huge combine performance?


Overall this should be a fun an interesting NFL combine. Tune in later in the week as we will have updates on the combine here and on our Instagram page. All of the action can be found on the NFL network and will be on most of the day. Workouts will be in the late afternoon with most of them starting at 4pm. Enjoy all the action and let the road to the NFL draft begin.

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