NFL Draft Grades

NFL Draft Grades

With the first round of the NFL draft finished it is time to give you guys our NFL draft grades. The draft grades are based on several different things. For us when we do NFL draft grades we look at team need and player value. We also of course incorporate a bit of subjectivity into the equation. For each team we give a brief snapshot of why we graded it the way we did. You may see it differently and that is certainly okay. Let us know what you think about our NFL draft grades below.

Jaguars – Trevor Lawrence (Grade A+)

They made the easy pick here. Well done. 

Jets – Zach Wilson (Grade A)

Another easy pick that was the right choice for the team. The only reason they do not get an A+ is because they could have had Lawrence at one point. 

49ers – Trey Lance (Grade A) 

YES! The 49ers went with the high ceiling player and it was the right move. There is enough young talent on this team for Lance to succeed. This was the best case scenario for Lance. 

Falcons – Kyle Pitts (Grade B+)

I wish the Falcons would have traded back. We knew this would be the pick but it still does not feel right. Pitts will be elite but you have to imagine they could have done more at this spot. 

Bengals – Ja’Marr Chase (Grade A-) 

Listen yes Burrow needs protection. But looking at the top of the board right now for round 2 this pick seems much better now. There are plenty of quality lineman on the board. I think Chase will be elite and when they draft a lineman it will all be worth it. 

Dolphins – Jaylen Waddle (Grade A-)

Waddle is going to be an explosive playmaker for Tua. They could have went tackle here but either way it is a win for the team. Waddle and Tua should have instant chemistry.

Lions – Penei Sewell (Grade A)

The Lions rebuild begins with anchoring the line with a generational talent. This is how you build the foundation for a potential quarterback in next years draft. I am very high on this pick. 

Panthers – Jaycee Horn (Grade B+)

I really like Horn as a press cornerback. I think he can be a very good player at the position. That being said I think the team should have went a different route here. They could have grabbed Slater to boost the line or take Smith to give Darnold another weapon at this spot.

Broncos – Patrick Surtain Jr (Grade C+)

The Broncos have several great corners on their team. This was not really a need to me. Surtain definitely is the top corner in this draft. Yet they could have added Parsons to strengthen the defense or gone with a quarterback which is a need. 

Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II, right, holds a team jersey with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after he was chosen by the Denver Broncos with the ninth pick in the NFL football draft, Thursday, April 29, 2021, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Eagles – DeVonta Smith* (Grade A-)

Eagles traded up to leap frog the Giants to get Smith. Get move as this pick will help Hurts a ton next season. It was a must do move.

Bears – Justin Fields* (Grade A) 

If you followed my last mock I had the Bears trading up to 12 for a quarterback. This was pretty damn close. Although I did not expect Fields to be here this was a must do move. Fields is super talented and can be that franchise quarterback for years to come. 

Dallas Cowboys – Micah Parsons*(Grade A-)

Cowboys got the best defensive player in the draft. He can be the anchor of the team and do it all. With the corners off the board this was the next best pick for the team. 

Chargers – Rashawn Slater (Grade A+)

In my latest mock I kind of got the feeling Slater could fall into the Charger’s lap if the board worked a certain way. This is exactly what happened. They got a premier offensive lineman without moving up. Can’t get any better.

Jets – Vera-Tucker (Grade A-)

Jets traded up for the most versatile lineman in the draft. He can be an instant upgrade on the interior and help the young Zach Wilson. This was a great move for the team. 

Patriots – Mac Jones (Grade B+)

A bit biased with this one but I was hoping the Patriots would grab Fields. I like that we did not have to move up for a quarterback. Jones went where he should have went in the draft. The last quarterback off the board. Regardless there is hope he can be the franchise quarterback. 

Cardinals – Zaven Collins (Grade B-)

Collins is a player I like a lot. I just do not understand how the Cardinals can take him here with the other needs they have. They grabbed Simmons last year and have not used him properly. To me this pick just did not make sense.

Raiders – Alex Leatherwood (Grade D)

Listen I do not hate Leatherwood. But he was not the pick here. There are at least 4-5 tackles better than him. The Raiders reached again.

Dolphins – Jaelen Phillips (Grade A-)

A great upside pick for the Dolphins. When healthy Phillips could be a top edge in the league. There is risk but the Dolphins have the ability to make this pick. 

Washington – Jamin Davis (Grade B+) 

Davis is a great player in my opinion. His athletic profile is incredible and I kind of like the fit with Washington. That being said I was kind of shock he went this high. I think this is a fair grade though. 

Giants – Kadarius Toney (Grade C)

To be honest I hate the pick. I am not a fan of Toney at all. His tape was solid but analytically he has nothing. I believe Elijah Moore should have been the pick. Regardless they got a first out of the trade which really matters. That could be a high first next year.

Colts – Kwity Paye (Grade B)

Colts potentially got the best edge in the draft class. Yet he is a bit raw and could take time to develop. This team is built to win now so to me they could have went with a player who is more developed. Not a bad pick though. 

Titans – Caleb Farley (Grade B+)

High risk. High Reward. Farley is the most talented cornerback in the draft to me. He has health concerns. If he can stay healthy this could be the best value of the round. Yet the corner brings him down. 

Vikings – Christian Darrisaw (Grade A)

They got to trade back and get a top 3 tackle. That’s a win win in my book.

Steelers – Najee Harris (Grade B)

I never like the idea of taking a running back in round 1. Yet the Steelers had a need and they addressed the need with a bellcow back who can help this run game. A modest grade of B feels about right.

Jaguars – Travis Etienne (Grade C-)

This one really shocked me. There is no denying that Etienne is a great player. Yet the team had a solid running back in James Robinson who they did not have to invest anything in. This was not a need. They should have went offensive line or defense. I just do not get it. 

Browns – Greg Newsome (Grade B) 

I really like Newsome but kind of surprised they went cornerback here. I definitely like the value but seems like they have a ton of corners. This was kind of a luxury pick though so it was not a horrific pick. I think they could have went edge. 

Ravens – Rashod Bateman (Grade A-)

Ravens had two draft picks and nailed their picks. Bateman is one of my favorite receivers in this draft and Oweh has such a high ceiling. I loved what they did.

Saints – Payton Turner (Grade D-) 

Another team where I do not hate the player but I hate the value. Turner is a mid to late second prospect for me. They reached here a bit with better prospects on the board.

Packers – Eric Stokes (Grade C)

Eric Stokes has some potential. Yet he is very raw and this team needs to win now. They should have went with a player to help them win now.

Bills – Gregory Rousseau (Grade B)

Rousseau has such a high ceiling but he is a developmental player. I fully believe this was the right move in terms of position. Yet he may not help this team until two years down the line. 

Ravens – Jayson Oweh (Grade A-)

See above for my Ravens commentary on this pick. 

Bucs – Joe Tryon (Grade B)

Bucs Really could have went anyway with this pick. I actually am a fan of Tryon. He has shown an ability to be a really effective pass rusher. He is a bit raw but being that he will not be a starter this pick could work. 

So that wrap’s up our NFL draft grades. Again let us know what you would change in our NFL draft grades.

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