NFL Draft: Our Offensive Guys

Jalen Reagor

The draft is almost a week away and we are very excited to bring you our offensive guys. No these guys may not go as high as we would like them to. Yet these are players we have been high on since the beginning of posting about the draft. You may or may not agree with our offensive guys and that is ok. Plenty of individuals have subjective viewpoints and that is what makes the draft process fun! We will give you one player from each position group we are super high on! So let us give you our offensive guys we like for the NFL draft.

QB: Jordan Love

            Jordan Love is either a guy you love or hate this draft. Yet he is one of our favorite offensive guys on our board because we Love him that much. He is the exact definition of a boom or bust quarterback. Two years ago at the age of 20 he had a breakout season people were raving about. He threw for over 3500 yards, had 39 total touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. People were raving about his ability as he threw accurately, showed incredible arm strength and had such a fluid throwing motion. He also is very athletic as used his mobility to his advantage at times. Then last year happened. All that love for Love went down the drain as all of his numbers dipped. His completion percentage went down to 61% and he threw 20 touchdowns to 17 interceptions. Yet that is not the whole story.

            Listen Love has incredible talent there is no denying that. Last year Love lost the majority of his offense from the previous year and his coaching staff. It is very difficult for these smaller programs to have success on a year to year basis because of the lack of talent they can recruit. A similar situation happened to Josh Allen during his time at Wyoming. Love still gives you tremendous upside with his 6 foot 3 frame. He was 12th in qbr in 2018 which is an excellent for a college quarterback. He has tremendous upside to me and if he lands in a great spot watch out for him to develop into a great quarterback.  

our offensive guys love
We got a lot of Love for Love!

RB: Zach Moss

            I could have went with one of the big 4 but that would not have been fun. I currently have Moss ranked 5th on my board but I really like what this guy brings. He does have injury concerns which could be why I did not put him higher. Moss broke out on the scene his 2nd year as he had 1173 yards and 10 total touchdowns. Since then he went on to have two seasons of 1000 plus yards and last year he had 17 total touchdowns for the Utes. He is a very tough runner who could potentially be an every down back. Moss does have some quickness to him and has improved in the passing game every year. He ran a 4.65 in the forty at the combine which is a good time for his build. Look for Moss to be a sleeper this draft.

WR: Jalen Reagor

Although Reagor may be at number 5 on this list he is a player I love. Now I will admit I was a little down on him after his combine performance. Yet after hearing how his pro day went I started to feel that excitement again. Reagor apparently ran a sub 4.2 which most likely translate to a 4.3+ in the forty. This number still shows the speed that this guy could have on the field. He broke out his first season at TCU where he was a touchdown machine racking in 8. The following year he had 72 receptions, 1061 yards and 9 receiving touchdowns. More impressively he averaged more than 14 yards per reception each of his three seasons. Last year Reagor’s number dipped yet I fully believe it was due to poor quarterback play.

            One thing I love about Reagor is his big play making ability. He has a very good catch radius that allows him to make those down the field catches. He also is a lot stronger than most people think and very agile. The one thing he does need a bit of working on is his route running. When you look at him he does not cut as smoothly as you would like to see in a route runner. Yet this is something like with D.K. Metcalf last year may be blown out of proportion by people. Receivers like Reagor can develop their route running ability over their rookie season. It is one of the reasons I believe Metcalf exploded at the end of last season was that he had time to develop. Watch out for Reagor especially at the end of next season.

OL: Andrew Thomas

            Thomas has been a favorite of mine for a while now. He is excellent in pass blocking and was stout in the ground. He may not be as sexy as the name value of the other tackles right now but you get what you need in him. A reliable player who could be pro ready from day one. That is one of the biggest things I like in him is that he is pro ready to me. Throughout the year he had to face several of the top SEC pass rushers and held his own. He was the blindside blocker for Jake Fromm and had several big games. I will keep this short and sweet I just really like Andrew Thomas.

our offensive guys Thomas
Thomas should be a solid starter by day 1 in the NFL.

TE: No One in Particular

            I will be honest there are a ton of guys I like in this position but do not love. Kmet and Trautman are two of the top prospects to me but both of them need to develop. Kmet looks more of a blocking tight end and may not develop into much of a receiving tight end. That does not make him a bad pick by any means just nothing to rave about. Trautman has a ton of potential as a receiving tight end. He has really good hands but did not have the explosive combine performance I was hoping for. Thaddeus Moss could be a great receiving tight end but he needs to improve his blocking. Believe me there are a ton of quality tight ends this draft class but none that do not stand out to me. It’s a deep class of players who need development.

So these are our offensive guys that we will be looking at this NFL draft. Again a lot of takes are very subjective as a ton of skill positions this year have depth. I look forward to hearing who are some of your offensive guys you will be watching for. With the right landing spots I definitely am looking forward to what these players can do.

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