NFL Draft Trade Scenarios: Who Could Move?

NFL Draft trades

Today we give you some of our potential NFL draft trades. We have been looking at several different rumors out there and debating which ones make the most sense. Yes some rumors to us seem good in theory but just would take too much draft capital or would be too far of a trade back for a team. Every team would want to trade to get the best player available but sometimes it is just not plausible. Never the less let us tell you different NFL draft trades scenarios for this year.

Miami Trades for Tua

            This one is the easiest trade for us to pick up on. The Dolphins have been linked to Tua for some time now and they have the draft capital to grab him. If Burrow goes number 1 like many assume then there will be a scramble for the last two quarterbacks. Both Tua and Herbert have been projected to go in the top 10 for our mock. The Dolphins have the draft capital needed to go up and grab him if they feel like he is their franchise quarterback. The most likely suitor for this trade would be the Lions. I have toyed with the possibility of the Redskins trading back but it seems unlikely they will let Chase Young go. The Lions have already said they would be open to trading back and could use the extra picks. To me this trade fit is a no brainer.

Tua Miami
Could Tua be heading to Miami?

Giants Drop Back for Picks

            To me if the Dolphins trade up for Tua the Giants should 100% try and trade back. Te Chargers need a quarterback and could go for that 4th pick. There is also the Colts and Raiders potentially in the mix but that could leave the Giants without one of their top needs. If the Giants trade back to 6 they should have the possibility of drafting a top tackle or Isaiah Simmons. The Panthers could decide to as well but recently they have been linked to keeping Cam Newton. However if any of these teams decide that Herbert or Tua is there guy they will have to trade up. I would see teams competing for the Giants 4th pick and the Giants could get an offer they will not refuse.

Colts Trade up, but only Slightly

            I have seen rumors about the Colts trading up to get number 3 pick for Tua. Although it is not impossible to me it is highly unlikely. The Lions would be trading back out of a potential franchise defining player in either Okudah or Simmons. The Colts could have the draft capital for that but it could take multiple firsts and seconds which they may not want to do. The Colts may just want to get passed the Oakland Raiders to try and nab Jordan Love. Yes love is a step below the big 3 but he has the physical tools to be able to develop into a terrific quarterback. Allowing him to sit behind Brissett would make the most sense. Look for them to offer the Jets a third round pick to move up two spots.

Jordan Love
Can Jordan Love be a franchise quarterback?

The NFC East Eagles Make a Splash

            To me it will be the Eagles and not the Cowboys who make a splash in the draft. The Eagles have a history of moving up in the draft and this year may be no different. The Eagles could look to move up to draft Henry Ruggs. Ruggs has been one of the most explosive wide receivers and would give the speedster they need. They also could look to move up to potentially grab C.J. Henderson. These is no denying that the Eagles need a cornerback to help their secondary so moving up a few spots to grab Henderson could be in play as well. Regardless I see the Eagles being the team to make a big splash again this draft.

The Eagles traded a haul in order to get Wentz.

49ers Recoup Draft Capital

            The 49ers do not have a second pick until the 5th round this draft. Every year a team trades into the first round and targeting the 49ers draft pick would be ideal. To me the 49ers could use extra picks to fill several needs they have in the secondary and interior line. This draft flow could dictate their decision but to me it almost seems certain the 49ers will trade back for more capital.


Expect this year’s draft to be very exciting and to have some surprises. There could be several teams moving from time to time and we expect movement from the above teams. Of course one of the biggest factors is the health of Tua which could impact the nfl draft trades for this year. If you have not done so already check out all our mock draft articles! Stay tuned for further draft coverage as we get ready for the combine and weeks leading up to the draft.

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