NFL Mock Draft (Final with Trades)

NFL Mock Draft 2021

The NFL draft is right around the corner so it is time to bring you an NFL mock draft! While we are not by any means draft experts we love to analyze the draft and have fun. Know that when we do these mocks we incorporate some of our own rankings and use reports we hear about. If we see enough reports that seem to be valid we will often gear our mocks that way. At the end of the day an NFL mock draft is meant to show what we think will happen and not what will happen. So let us begin by breaking down our picks! (Note this NFL Mock draft does include trades. I will say it is very difficult to predict trades outside of the quarterback position. This is a predictive NFL mock draft not based on my own thoughts. Check my previous mock to see how the picks changed!)

1. Jaguars – Trevor Lawrence (QB)

            Best player we have seen in college over the past few years. No explanation needed.

2. Jets – Zach Wilson (QB)

            Wilson has risen up rankings since the beginning of the year. He excels off play action and fits the scheme. Reports have been leaning this way. 

3. 49ers – Mac Jones (QB)

            I have gone full circle with this pick. There’s no denying reports have been leaning Mac Jones for the pick up this week. General manager John Lynch says the pick will be deferred to coach Kyle Shanahan. Reports state that Shanahan is leaning Mac Jones even if the organization is split. Remember this is a predictive NFL Mock Draft. I may not even agree with this pick. Whatever the decision is it better be the right one.  

4. Falcons – Kyle Pitts (TE)

            There is no denying that the Falcons should trade back here. They could get a massive haul for a QB needy team if a team wants to get one. Yet recently I have seen reports that the Broncos do not want to pay to come up to 4. Quarterbacks could drop then allowing the Broncos to still grab their guy. For the Falcons I lean Pitts as he is a true difference maker. No cornerback is worth the value of a top 5 pick and the position takes longer to develop. Pitts could be a star from the beginning he is just that talented. 

5. Bengals – Ja’Marr Chase (WR)

            Whether you like it or not the Bengals seem to be leaning Chase in the draft. He can be an elite different maker on the outside and allow this passing game to go to the next level. Yes they need to address the offensive line but that can happen in rounds 2 and 3. Both the o-line and receiver core are deep enough to where it can work both ways.

6. Dolphins – Penei Sewell (OT)

            This pick to me is clear cut once Pitts and Chase are off the board. I think Sewell as a prospect is safer at tackle then Waddle and Smith at wide receiver. If the Dolphins want to grab one of those guys they could trade back again. But offensive line is a need and Sewell can play both sides at the tackle position.

7. Lions – Jaylen Waddle (WR)

            The Lions have so many holes on this team. I think they grab a pass catcher who has shown an ability to produce all over the field. He’s quick, he has good hands and is very fluid in his motion. This pick can easily be DeVonta Smith as well but what I have seen in reports Waddle seems slightly ahead.

8. Patriots – Justin Fields (QB) *TRADE ALERT*

            The two sides already reportedly have the groundwork for a trade in place. For me I did not include players in this trade. I sent the Patriots first, third, one of their fourth and a 2022 first to the Panthers. Patriots have been high on Fields for the majority of the process so this just makes sense. He is super accurate and adds that dual threat ability for the Patriots. If he does not go at 3 I believe he will be a Patriot.  

9. Broncos – Micah Parsons (LB)

           The Broncos pick was going to be a quarterback for me before the Bridgewater trade. I still believe there is a chance they could take a quarterback yet I am leaning Parsons now. He is an elite playmaker who can solidify the linebacker position for this team.

10. Cowboys – Patrick Surtain (CB)

            Cowboys should not invest this pick on anything except the defensive side of the ball if the board falls this way, I could definitely understand the appeal with Pitts but their defense was bad last season. Surtain has the experience and ability to be a very good cornerback in the NFL. I really like this pick for the Cowboys. 

11. Giants – DeVonta Smith (WR)

            Giants get another playmaker to take this team to the next level. Smith is the last of the “big 3 receivers” who could be an instant impact. The team has flexibility hear to potentially trade back to if need be. I think their needs are very few and in between that they can take advantage of some value. 

12. Bears – Trey Lance (QB) *TRADE ALERT* 

            If we see the Eagles miss out on Waddle and Smith this could be a trade back spot. The Bears want to move up for a quarterback. They need to move up for a quarterback. Lance has an elite ceiling that the team could covet. I think they would risk it all again for a chance at Lance. Again this is an NFL Mock draft so I want to expect the unexpected.

13. Chargers – Rashawn Slater (OT)

            I thought about having the Chargers trade up for Sewell. Yet it is very difficult to find partners for teams trading for non-quarterbacks. Generally teams who are trading up for a quarterback overpay so the Chargers could miss out on deals. For this pick you have to protect your assets. Justin Herbert is your future you protect him at all cost. With the Panthers trading back and the Giants going Smith Slater falls into the Chargers laps. 

14. Vikings – Alija Vera-Tucker (OL)

            The Vikings benefit as well from teams going after quarterbacks and skill position players. Here they go with the most versatile lineman in this draft. Vera-Tucker can be plugged anywhere on the line and that is a huge plus. The Bears need lineman so this is a solid pick. 

15. Panthers – Jaycee Horn (CB) *TRADE ALERT*

            I spoke a bit about the Panthers trade earlier. It makes sense for the team to explore trading back to gain as much assets as possible. Horn could be a top 10 to 12 talent in this draft. Yet I see him sliding just a bit due to teams coveting quarterbacks and receivers. To me getting a shutdown corner in Horn would be a great fit for the Panthers.

16. Arizona Cardinals – Greg Newsome (CB)

            The Cardinals could possibly trade up if Waddle or a top cornerback falls. Here they miss out on both. Yet there is a clear need here and Newsome’s the top corner available. His stock has been rising. He has good size and strong ball skills. This would be a very solid pick to fill that need. 

17. Las Vegas Raiders – Christian Darrisaw (OT)

          The Raiders often surprise us with their selections. Yet this draft they take a bit of value on the board. Darrisaw may fall a bit due to teams not thinking he is as physical as can be. I still believe he can be a quality starter in this league.

18. Miami Dolphins – Christian Barmore (DL)

            Barmore is the best interior defensive lineman by far in this class. With the Dolphins having multiple picks in the first two rounds this is a luxury pick. To me boosting the interior is a move that can benefit the Dolphins. Potentially they can land an edge with a second round pick as it’s a deeper class. The value is here to me as well. 

19. Washington – Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (LB)

            Linebacker is a need for this defense. JOK is a do it all linebacker who will make an elite defense even better. I know Washington wants a quarterback so they could trade up if one falls. To me though this is a great pick for the team. 

20. Eagles – Kwity Pate (EDGE) *TRADE ALERT*

            Eagles traded back after missing the top of their board. They are rumored to really like Kwity Paye. This edge class to me could be unpredictable but if Paye is their guy this is where the value lies. He is an explosive edge who could really help build this defense.

21. Saints – Caleb Farley (CB) *TRADE ALERT*

            Colts have been known to trade back an accept value. The Saints have been rumors to want to trade up. Here they go after Farley who’s medical concerns may not be fully a concern. He can be an elite secondary corner with his size and athletic ability.

22. Titans – Rashod Bateman (WR)

            The Titans are in no man land to me. They have the tools to be a contender but lost a ton of playmakers this offseason. To me they need to get Tannehill more weapons. Bateman to me is a terrific fit for the Titans. He can play in the slot or line up on the outside and has the physical tools to be a playmaker for years to come. 

23. Jets – Jaelan Phillips (EDGE)

            This edge class is very deep yet I do not think there is a dominant player in the class. Phillips does have some medical concerns yet I believe teams will like his talent. The Jets need an explosive edge rusher who can be disruptive in the passing game. Phillips would be a great fit to me.

24. Steelers – Najee Harris (RB)

            Listen I am not a believer in taking a running back in round 1. Yes it fits with Harris here. All signs now point to the Steelers wanting to grab Harris. He is very good in between the tackles and can pass catch. The Steelers need a top tier running back so to me this will be the pick. 

25. Jaguars – Tevin Jenkins (OT) 

            The Jaguars can go many different ways with this pick as they have multiple needs. Yet one big one is boosting that offensive line for their new franchise quarterback. If Jenkins is here it would be the sure pick. He is a large, physical offensive tackle who is a very good blocker. 

26. Browns – Jayson Oweh (EDGE)

            With the Browns bringing in numerous free agents they are ready to truly compete. For me here you can never have enough playmakers in the front 7 of the defensive side of the ball. They did sign Clowney but it is not a sure thing he will stay healthy. Oweh is an athletic edge who can develop into a really good playmaker at the position.  

27. Ravens – Azeez Ojulari (EDGE)

            Edge has become a need for the Baltimore Ravens. Ojulari is a beast of a player but recently he was flagged at his medical day. This is a slight concern and could see him slip in terms of the edge position. Yet the talent is enough to where the Ravens decide to draft him.

28. Colts – Walker Little (OT) *TRADE ALERT*

            Little is the definition of a high upside pick with a ton of risk. When on the field he was dominant for Stanford. Yet we have not seen him play in a long time. The Colts though have a need at tackle and Little’s talent may be to much to pass up.

29. Packers – Zaven Collins (LB)

            The Packers could draft Samuel here but they decide to attack the linebacker position. I can see them potentially trading back if a team wants to try and grab Etienne. Collins is an off the ball linebacker who can do it all. He to me could be the sideline to sideline playmaker the team was missing last year.

30. Bills – Travis Etienne (RB) 

            The closer we get to the draft the more I think the Bills will grab Etienne. To me I am not a fan of it. Yes their run game has struggled but they still have other holes on the defense I would like to see them tackle. Regardless Etienne is a versatile playmaker who should give this offense an added attack.  

31. Ravens – Sam Cosmi (OT)

            The Orlando Brown trade leaves a bit of a void on the line for the Ravens. They did sign Alejandro Villanueva but that is not the long term answer. Cosmi is the perfect player for the Ravens in my opinion. Where he excelled was during the run which of course the Ravens do a lot of. The only downside is his length. Yet he could be moved inside if need be.  

32. Bucs – Asante Samuels Jr (CB)

            The Bucs return all 22 starters from last season. They are a team that can afford to take any position at this spot. I have them leaning Samuels Jr because they lack quality depth at the position. Samuels size is a concern but he has done nothing but been a standout in pass coverage.  

Let me know what you think of this NFL mock draft and enjoy the draft!

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