NFL Schedule Release: Prime Time Match Ups

nfl schedule release

Yes it is the week of the NFL Schedule release. We are super excited as it is an event that will give us something to look forward to. Yes there is a chance that the season gets postponed but let’s stay optimistic. I am highly interested to see which contest will be on the Sunday primetime spotlight as those are usually the best games. Sure some big time matchups will be in the 4 o’clock spot but that is normally unpredictable. Today we will give you 7 match ups we hope to see in the Sunday Night spotlight. Get ready it is time to talk about the NFL schedule release.

Chiefs at Bucs

            Who thought last season was the last time we would see a Brady vs Mahomes contest? Well we did not but we did not expect it like this. The Brady and Gronk show went down south to Tampa and now we could be looking at a top 5 offense. This match up would be great to watch as both teams will put up a ton of points. The star power on the field would be terrific at the skills positions with Hill, Kelce, Evans, Gowdin and Gronk. To me this just needs to be a primetime match up. Oh yeah and if I did not say it before its Brady vs Mahomes!

Vikings at Saints

            Last year the Vikings broke the hearts of Saints fans for the second time in three years. They won a thriller in overtime which saw a game of huge momentum swings. Yes the Vikings lost some players (Diggs) but this game would be great as a rematch on the primetime stage. Can the Vikings continue their winning ways against the Saints or can Brees get some revenge? I still can picture Diggs dancing in front of Sean Payton and it could be the talk of the telecast.

nfl schedule release diggs
A Vikings verse Saints rematch needs to happen on SNF this year.

49ers at Seahawks

            I was going to shy away from divisional match ups but this one needs to be on the list. Last year these two teams played two of the best games of the year. The first game of the year was an overtime thriller that literally went down to the last seconds. Both teams made incredible plays back and forth. Then who can forget the week 17 classic where the 49ers stopped the Seahawks short by inches. That game not only decided the 1 seed but could have sealed the Super Bowl fate. If the Seahawks had home field advantage who knows what could have happened.

Browns at Giants

            This game could possibly sneak in as a primetime match up. Ok maybe not but both teams could improve on last years season and it would be a great storyline. Beckham Jr who was traded from the Giants just two years ago returns to face his old team on primetime. Will the Giants fans (assuming they are there) greet him kindly? We will definitely have to see! Maybe this game finds its way to the Monday night spot but we can only dream.

nfl schedule release beckham
Beckham makes his second return to Metlife, this time verse his former team.

Chiefs at Ravens

            A battle of the two previous NFL MVPs. Both Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes have a ton of expectations for next season. The Chiefs are coming off a Super Bowl victory while the Ravens dissappointed in last years playoffs. This match up would be explosive as both teams have a tremendous amount of talent. I could see this game being one of the better match ups of the year.

Cowboys at Ravens

            The Cowboys are going to get their primetime matchups. Why not put use one of them on an intraconference match up we do not see much. Having the Ravens host Jerry world would be a terrific match up. Lamar Jackson could light up the Cowboys defense but do not sleep on this Cowboys offense. They will be in position to put up some points this year and a match up against the Ravens would be a big test. I look forward to see where this match up ends up on the schedule.

Bucs vs Saints

            Another division match up that puts two of the old greats against each other. Brees vs Brady. We used to have to wait every four years for that but now we get that twice a year. The race will be on for all time touchdown leaders and both guys will put up a ton this year. I do not care if it is at Tampa or New Orleans it just has to happen. Do not be surprised if it does the first Sunday night match up of the year.

nfl schedule release b and b
This year we get to see Brees verse Brady twice!

There you have it 7 match ups that need to be primetime on Sunday Night Football. There are several other games that could have made this list. I fully expect and Eagles Cowboys game to be on primetime and other divisional match ups. The NFL Schedule Release is very exciting and we will be breaking down our favorite match ups when it comes out. Stay tuned we are gearing up for some more great offseason content.

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