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The NFL Free agency will be here soon enough!

The 2020 tight end free agents are an interesting group of players. Near the top of the class we have young tight ends who could make an instant impact. Several older players could have a year or two left but will have to find the perfect landing spot. So far we have seen Greg Olsen sign a deal with the Seahawks. That deal will be the first of the dominos we will see fall this offseason. Note that one team in particular the Patriots may try to get several of these players. Let us break down now the tight end free agents.

Austin Hooper. Age 25. Unrestricted Free Agent.

            Hooper was selected to his second straight Pro-bowl after exploding into the start of last season. He finished with 75 catches, almost 800 yards and 6 touchdowns. This is all while missing 3 games due to injury! He easily could have went for over 90 catches and 100 yards with the pace he was on early in the season. Being that he is entering in the prime of his career he is the perfect player for any team to go after. I do expect the Falcons try and bring Hooper back on a team friendly contract. However with the terrible cap situation the Falcons are in I do not believe the will be able to do so. A team like the Packers could be a good fit if they move on from Jimmy Graham or the New England Patriots who need a tight end.

tight end free agents hooper
Hooper could be in line for a big pay day this offseason.

Hunter Henry. Age 25. Unrestricted Free Agent.

            When healthy Henry is a top tight end in this league and a match up nightmare. The issue is he missed two years ago with a torn acl and 4 games last year with a fractured kneecap. The Chargers have a solid amount of cap space and depending on their quarterback situation could sign Henry to a solid contract. During the 12 games that he played he had 55 catches and 5 touchdowns. With a more effective quarterback and a healthy year those numbers could increase. Again I do see the Patriots try to go after him as well as possibly a team like the Redskins. The Chargers however should ultimately resign him in my opinion.

Jacob Hollister. Age 26. Unrestricted Free Agent.

            Hollister was traded from the New England Patriots to the Seahawks and he blossomed when injuries occurred. During his 11 games played he had 41 catches and was a reliable target for Russell Wilson. To me being that the Seahawks just signed Olsen there is no way the Seahawks sign Hollister. The thing I like about a team signing Hollister is that he most likely will go for a lot less than Hooper and Henry. I could see the Bears in play to potentially sign Hollister or also the Redskins.

tight end free agents hollister
Hollister played well last year for the Seahawks.

Eric Ebron. Age 26. Unrestricted Free Agent.

            Ebron is another player who could be a bargain at the position. We have seen Ebron explode as a touchdown machine 2 years ago with 13 touchdowns. The issue for me with him is his consistency. He drops some balls he should be able to catch and it seems like he needs a good system to thrive. To me a team like the Jaguars could be a fit for him or maybe the Dolphins. Both clubs struggled at the position last year and he could be their top guy.

Cowboys Tight Ends

Blake Jarwin – The Cowboys could potentially try and sign Jarwin to a cheap contract. They have a ton of free agents but think they try and keep him and hope he continues to improve. Another potential landing spots could be the Bears.

Jason Witten – I do not think the Cowboys bring back Witten. It is not impossible but the Cowboys need to get younger at the position. A potential landing spot could be the Giants or Bucs.

tight end free agents witten
Could Witten be playing somewhere other than Dallas next year?


Several key teams will be fighting for the services of the top tight ends. Hooper and Henry both could be getting very good deals. Some of the other players could be brought in for a bargain and it will be interesting to see who ends up where. Finding a top tight end in this league is difficult so do not be surprised if a sleeper team emerges to sign one of these players. Free agency will soon be here so let the excitement begin.

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