NFL Week 1 Game Picks

Week 1 Game Picks

            With the NFL season here it is time to give you some week 1 game picks. There are some very intriguing match ups this week and some close contests expected. For our week 1 game picks we will give you straight up winners and potential spreads we are targeting. Some games are much more appealing to others while others not so much. So let us break down all our week 1 game picks and let us know what you think.

NE over MIA 

            I see a close game here as Miami’s defense is much improved. Both teams will struggle to move the ball at times. Newtons rushing ability will be the difference to me as they win a close one. As touchdown favorites currently I will not be looking at this line. 

LV over Car

            I really like what Vegas did this offseason. They attacked the receiver position which was much needed and brought in a leader in Littleton. Carolina is rebuilding and think they get exploited defensively a ton. Give me Vegas.

Derek Carr
Derek Carr could have a solid day in week 1.

GB over MIN

            One of the great match ups this week. To me I see Rodgers exposing this young Vikings secondary. The Vikings may also struggle offensively through the air without Diggs early in the season. Give me the Packers to win this game. 

ATL over SEA

Offensive shootout. That is what I expect for this game. The reason I am picking Atlanta is because I fully believe Gurley will have a ton of success against Seattle. He will be used a ton and the Falcons should be able to score just enough to win at home. As a home underdog I may be also attacking the spread at +2 ½. 

BAL over CLE

            Cleveland is much improved to me. They are a very good team and will make this game highly competitive. Yet there secondary is banged up and that worries me. I think this game will be very close but I have Baltimore winning with Hollywood Brown having a huge game. 

BUF over NYJ

            Buffalo will win this game pretty easily to me. The Jets offense is a bit banged up and Buffalo looks better on paper than ever. I am intrigued to see how Diggs fits into this offense. The spread currently has the Bills 6.5 favorites and I would be eager to hit that spread before it hits 7. 

week 1 game picks buffalo
The Bills defense will be a factor week 1.

PHI over WAS

            With the news of Miles Sanders out this game just got more interesting. I do believe the Eagles overall still are more talented than Washington. The Slay McLaurin match up will be fin to watch. This game will be close to me.

DET over CHI

            Another very close game that could swing Chicagos way if Golladay is out. Currently he is listed as doubtful. I believe both teams could struggle offensively at times. Chicago has a tough defensive unit and Detroit looks like they have improved. Right now I lean Detroit at home as I believe in this offense. If Golladay is out I would probably go Chicago. 

IND over JAC

            Jacksonville is not going to be good. I think the Colts have a much improved overall team and should be able to run away with this. I am interesting to see how the Colts use all three backs. The spread right now has the Colts favorite by 8. I may put some money on the Colts especially if the line goes down a little bit. 

week 1 game picks Taylor
Taylor could have a huge week 1.

LAC over CIN

            Burrows first start is an interesting one. I believe the Chargers are going to have a top notch secondary even with the loss of Derwin James. This game does not seem to be as exciting on paper as others. Yet I think we should see some quality back and forth action with the Chargers prevailing. 

SF over ARI

            An interesting match up for week 1 as the Cardinals gave the 49ers fits last season. The 49ers could be very short on receivers as Deebo is already on IR and Aiyuk is questionable. Tevin Coleman also may be out due to health concerns with the air quality. Yet I believe the 49ers defense will be strong enough to prevail. The spread could favor the Cardinals though as they are underdogs by 7. 

NO over TB

            Very close game to me as both team has talent everywhere. I have been going with the Saints to win this match up all week. Now that Evans could be out I think it favors the Saints that much more. I see them winning a very close game.

week 1 game picks Brady and Brees
Brady and Brees highlights week 1.

DAL over LAR

            Sunday night will be a very good match up. To me Dallas is just to talented this year. I believe offensively they can exploit this Rams defense. I am fully confident in McCarthys offense. The front seven also could get Goff off rhythm which is crucial.

PIT over NYG

            I definitely feel like the Giants are much improved. Bradberry and Martinez were great pick ups. Yet I am full on board with the Steelers this year. The defense is awesome and they have so many weapons on offense. Ben’s return will be key in a win.

TEN over DEN

            I really was on board with the Broncos all offseason. Now not so much as they lost Miller for the year and Sutton is banged up. Tennessee will pound the rock and control the clock. This game will be low scoring. I see a back and forth slugfest with a close Titans win. 

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