NFL Week 2 Best Bets

NFL week 2

It’s NFL Week 2 and I absolutely LOVE the board. Last week didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. I went 1-2-1, but I’ve convinced myself that I’m sweeping everything today. The gambling juices are flowing, so let’s get rich. Here are my NFL week 2 best bets.

Jets +7

I know this may seem like I’m being super biased, but this line is way too fishy to pass up. The Jets looked as bad as I’ve ever seen and they are going up against a team that is coming off a super bowl appearance. There is NO WAY the 49ers should be laying only a touchdown. Something is up, so I’m taking Gang Green. 

Rams +1.5

The Eagles were probably the most disappointing team last week. They lost to a team without a name, so I’m fading them for the rest of the season. 

nfl week 2 eagles sack
Eagles lost to a team with no name haha!

Chiefs -9

The Chiefs are the best team in the league, and are going to blow the Chargers out. Plus I have Mahomes and Hill on my fantasy team, so obviously they are going to be putting up some points. 

Patriots +4

I hate betting on the Pats with every bone in my body but Cam Newton looks healthy and the Jets need Seattle to lose for a better draft pick from the Jamal Adams trade. Can’t believe I’m saying it but LETS GO PATS.

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