Potential Late Round Fantasy Football Sleepers

fantasy football sleepers

With fantasy football sleepers, a must have every year, we bring you some of our sleepers for the upcoming season. No this list is not our official sleeper list as with the draft still to come, it is entirely going to change. Yet we want to keep up with the content as there is not much going on in the sports world right now. Some of our fantasy football sleepers you may agree with and some you may not. That is entirely okay with us as we love to hear different perspectives. So enough introductions, let us go into 5 guys we think are fantasy football sleepers.

Diontae Johnson

            Can you tell me which rookie receiver had the most receptions last season? That would be Johnson. Receptions are not even part of the whole picture here but it is a start. Yes the Steelers were without JuJu for part of the season but they also did not have a competent quarterback. What impresses me is his efficiency. For one, he led the league in target separation which is very impressive. He also had 18% of his teams target share, which is a very good rate among receivers. Even with JuJu on the field he was used consistently by the team.

Taken into account Big Ben was top 5 in attempts the last 2 full seasons shows us that he is going to continue to throw. I believe that Johnson is an excellent route running and can be a yards after catch monster. He is not super quick, which again makes that separation number even more impressive. I fully believe the Steelers offense can consist of 2 quality fantasy wide receivers so look at Johnson in late in drafts.

fantasy football sleepers johnson
Can Johnson become the next great Steelers fantasy football receiver?

Ronald Jones

            Jones is a sleeper currently but this can certainly change with the draft. He looks to be the sole back for now but I expect the Bucs to draft someone. Again, this all depends on which running back they draft that will impact Jones’ fantasy value. Jones finished as rb 25 in ppr leagues but consistency killed him. His inability to stay on the field with pass blocking killed him. There are many reasons to be excited about Jones if he can stay on the field.

            First is his yardage per opportunity share. Jones had 724 rush yards and 309 receiving yards while only receiving 46.9% of his teams opportunity share. That tells me that even though he was given about 47% of the chances, he was able to produce. Imagine what he could do with a 60% workload. Again, this is projecting since he is currently the lead back and getting a more consistent workload. It also helps to bring in Tom Brady who may look more to his back in screens and dump offs. With his current adp between the 8th and 10th round, I think it is worth going after rb2 upside with his potential. Again, this can change with the draft but we are speaking about right now.  

Anthony Miller

            Miller is a guy that came on strong at the end of last season. Between weeks 11 to 15 he had 4 games of 9+ targets. During those weeks he finished as a wr1 twice and a wr2 once. This shows me that when this offense is clicking Miller has the ability to really produce. Injuries and poor quarterback play last season really hurt Miller in my opinion. The biggest reason I am on the Miller train is that there is no more Taylor Gabriel. Although Gabriel did not have the target share last year, he always was seen as the wr2 for the team. Yes, Jimmy Graham is there but I do not see that being much of a concern. Miller should be able to deliver huge as the second option if the quarterback play gets consistent. At late round value he is worth a shot.

fantasy football sleepers miller
Miller can be a great second option but can the quarterback play improve?

Irv Smith Jr.

            I am going to take a late round shot at Irv Smith Jr. One, Stefon Diggs is not there which could leave a ton of targets out there. Two, the Vikings used two tight end sets more than any other team at 53%. This should give Smith Jr a ton of time on the field. Three, Irv Smith Jr. posted a 10.1% target share, which was similar to Kyle Rudolph. To me going into his second year with all these factors Smith Jr. is going to be a crucial part of this offense. I am not saying he is going to give you top end tight end numbers like Kittle or Kelce. However, for his late round value in the 12 to 15 round range he is more than capable of out producing his adp. Given more opportunity and targets I am very excited about him in his second year.

Gardner Minshew Jr.

            My initial reaction was to go Daniel Jones again but I already did a whole article on him. There is a ton of uncertainty surrounding Minshew still with the draft coming up. One thing is for certain though is he had a very good rookie year. He finished at qb 19 with missing two games. He was fairly consistent throughout with a few brutal performances as he finished with 21 touchdowns to 6 interceptions. Most impressively about Minshew was the fact that he posted a 129 quarterback rating on deep balls. He had chemistry with D.J. Chark and both could be in for a big year. It also helps that this team probably will be trailing a ton in games as the defense is retooling. At his late round value he could be a tremendous pick if the Jaguars stick with him.

Well there you have 5 of my potential late round fantasy football sleepers. Yes it is still very early and I am still continue to do my research and a lot of the players. Yet with some of the information gathered these are some of the guys I am leaning towards in the later rounds. With the draft coming up I still think a lot of this can change. But with little sports and the fact I am trying to have some fun this list should do. Let me know if you have any late round fantasy football sleepers you will be looking for next year.

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