Rookie Superflex Rankings

Rookie Superflex Rankings

Today I bring you my way to early 2021 rookie superflex rankings. Note again for my early rankings it is more important to me to view the tiers then the rankings. It is also important to note as with rookie superflex rankings there is an emphasis on the quarterback position. If you do not play superflex just take out the quarterbacks for a someone accurate 1 quarterback ranking. For my rookie superflex rankings be sure to check out future videos breaking down some of these players. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be doing some individual videos for these players. Let me know what you think about my rookie superflex rankings! (Note these are PPR Rankings)

Tier 1 

1.Trevor Lawrence

            Lawrence will be the 1.01 for 99% of leagues come draft time. If he is not then your leaguemate clearly is trying to be either bold or stupid. He is the safest prospect we have seen since Andrew Luck. Lawrence has an incredible arm, very good accuracy and has some mobility to him. He has the prototypical size you like to see as well. His most likely landing spot will be Jacksonville which has some quality weapons right now. Just do not overthink this. 

Tier 2

2. Justin Fields

            Fields may not be the number 2 overall pick but this is dynasty. The biggest reason why I would go Fields here is because he has that rushing upside. When looking at fantasy quarterbacks it is critical to find the players who can give you an elevated floor by rushing. Fields can give you that at an elite production even if he is not an instant starter. He has a very good arm, has accuracy but needs to improve his reads. Once he does that he can become a fantasy star in this league.

3. Ja’Marr Chase

            Depending on team needs Chase can either be moved up one spot or down one spot. Chase broke out as a true sophomore and shows an elite profile. He has an incredible BMI index for his size. Chase has all the makings of an alpha receiver with his body control, ability to high point the ball and elite route running. Analytically he had an elite yards per reception and a very strong college dominator in the 62nd percentile. This was all while being in an offense with numerous weapons. He is going to be a top 5 to 10 pick giving him elite draft capital. At a very young age I lean Chase in dynasty formats over Harris as I believe he can have top 10 numbers for 5 to 10 years.

4. Najee Harris

            Harris can climb as high as 2 depending on team needs. He is a beast of a runner with elite vision. Hus strength is running between the tackles but he also possesses very good receiving abilities. To me regardless of where Harris lands he will be an every down back as a bellcow back. The one knock on his profile is his age coming into the draft. It is not a concern but something to note as he is 2 years older then a guy like Cam Akers. Unless he gets put in a horrific situation he will always be on top of my rookie superflex rankings. 

Tier 3

5. Trey Lance

            Lance is going to be one of the most loved or hated player going into 2021 dynasty drafts. While he is not safe as a quarterback he provides an elite upside. His athletic profile is extremely strong as he comes in as a dual threat quarterback. At 6’ 4”, 226 pounds he has the physical tools to be a very good quarterback. His strength is his accuracy as on tape for his 2019 season you see a very accurate passer. He also possesses a strong arm. The one knack that I have with him is the same thing as Fields. Sometimes he looks like he is not making the progressions he needs to in order to be successful. Yet with his elite rushing upside he is a dynasty prospect I am willing to risk a mid first pick on. 

6. Zach Wilson

            There is a ton of hype around Wilson and it is warranted. He is super accurate, has a very strong arm and can throw the ball on the run. No other quarterback did more to boost his draft stock than Wilson. I truly believe he can be a very good quarterback and should be very safe. Yet I do not feel he will have the same fantasy football value as the quarterbacks above him. Wilson does not have the elite rushing upside as we see with Field or Lance. I also think he is not as safe as a prospect as Trevor Lawrence. He is mobile but he will not be utilized like a dual threat quarterback in my opinion. Regardless he is in my top 6 for a reason because he will be a good player.

7. Travis Etienne 

            It kind of feels like Etienne has fallen a tiny bit amongst the dynasty community. Yes he did have a down year but let us not forget what Etienne has done in his career. He has an elite breakout age at the age of 19. While it is not as important with running backs we hardly see the dominance Etienne had at such a young age. For the past four years he has consistently improved his game. He has become better as a pass catcher, has shown an explosive ability and is very dynamic. To me his upside is that of an Alvin Kamara but he is not as safe as Harris. He will be a bit scheme dependent yet this is a safe rank for him.

8. Rashod Bateman

            I broke down Bateman already in a video. Elite breakout age, terrific size and overall he meets a ton of analytic metrics. On tape he wins with his route running and footwork. He is not going to be a guy who will blaze past a defender but will win with his body control and frame. I will be targeting him anywhere I can. 

9. Kyle Pitts

            What else is there to say about Kyle Pitts. He is unlike a prospect we have ever seen at the tight end position. He is has an incredible frame, can be a mismatch in the passing game and can even block. He is not this low because I do not believe in his talent. I believe depending on the format he could be worthy as a top 5-7 pick. Yet historically we have seen tight ends generally start off slow in the fantasy community. To me grabbing an elite quarterback, running back or receiver will be a better option depending on team make up. He still is an elite prospect who again can be picked in numerous spots depending on team make up.

Tier 4

10. DeVonta Smith 

            This is not a knock on Smith. For those who follow me on Instagram I have said that Smith can be a very good fantasy receiver. This class is just so top heavy that there are prospects I like more than Smith. He has very good hands and possesses a really good route tree. Smith also shows incredible body control. People are going to say ignore the size but analytical profiles matter for wide receivers. The lower the BMI historically the hite rate goes down. A BMI of less then 25 is 15 percent while less then 24 is 12.5%. Now yes he can overcome this but it is something to take into account. I fully believe he will be a WR 2 in this league but I will take Chase and Bateman over him if I need a receiver.

11. Jaylen Waddle

            Waddle just like Smith has his own set of analytical concerns. He comes into the draft with no true breakout age. Well we saw that last season with Ruggs which is why I was avoiding him in most dynasty drafts. Waddle plays a little differently than Ruggs though where he is not just a speed threat. He shows an ability to work the middle of the field and has a better route tree. He does need to polish his route running but he should be picked up in the late first round of dynasty drafts.

12. Javonte Williams

            Williams probably has been one of the biggest risers of this draft class. While I like him I do think he is being overvalued a bit. I have seen some people drafting him as high as 3 or 4 in supeflex drafts. Williams is a really tough runner who can break tackles and avoid defenders. To me I will be looking at the draft capital invested in him during the draft. My concern is although he looks like a beast so did Michael Carter last season. We have to question how much did the scheme at North Carolina helped him. Kind of like Kenny Gainwell who is right behind him for me. 

Next Up: Kenneth Gainwell, Elijah Moore, Rondale Moore, Tylan Wallace

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