Some NFL Easter Day Wishes

NFL Easter Day wishes

Today we are going to have some fun with some NFL Easter Day wishes. Yes this may be extremely corny but in the spirit of the holiday we are going to do something different. Today we are going to pretend that 4 teams have found their very own Easter Eggs. These eggs signify a player or scenario that they would love in the NFL draft. The four teams have been chosen at random utilize the random team generator. This is solely meant to be a fun and enjoyable read for everyone. So enjoy a happy Easter to all! It is time to see what the teams Eggs hold with some NFL Easter Day wishes.

Detroit Lions

The Lions begin to open their egg up when they hear a voice in the background. “Hey want to trade eggs with us?” It’s the Dolphins from Miami. “Well our egg is better so you have to give me two eggs” replied the Lions. The Dolphins gave the Lions the egg with the number 18 on it. This is the Lions best scenario as now they have egg 5 and 18. In egg 5 is Jeffrey Okudah which is the player they wanted in their egg! With the second egg the Lions could get any number of talented players. Perhaps it could be one of the edge rushers like K’Lavon Chaisson or A.J. Epenesa. Or it may be a safety like Grant Delpit or Xavier McKinney. Regardless this is a great Easter day wish as they got their top option as well as a second Easter egg! Very Hoppy day!

NFL Easter Day Wishes
Okudah is a true Easter day wish for the Lions.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles recently gave some of their smaller eggs away so they need this egg to be a good one. As they watch some of the eggs being opened before them they see some players they wanted. Jerry Jeudy. Gone! Ceedee Lamb. Taken! Henry Ruggs. Swiped up! Many of the players they wanted in their eggs have been taken! Yet with their being so many talented receivers in this draft the Eagles are not too worried. They must get at least something they like in their egg. As they begin to open it up they see Justin Jefferson. Wow what a marvelous Easter for the Eagles as they can shellebrate happy!

New Orleans Saints

The Saints have seen many different teams open up their Easter eggs and players go. There is truly one NFL Easter day wish the Saints are hoping for. The Saints need a linebacker and they are hoping one of the two players fall to them. The first is Patrick Queen who played in New Orleans for the LSU Tigers. He is a playmaker who can be used all over the field for the Saints. The Saints could also have Kenneth Murray in their egg. Kenneth Murray is also a very solid linebacker who could be used in the interior of the Saints linebacker core. The Saints ultimately see both players still not picked meaning it could be in their egg! As they open it up they see Patrick Queen and get their Easter day wish!

NFL Easter Day wishes
Could Patrick Queen be in the Easter egg the Saints need?

Tennessee Titans

The Titans sadly are one of the last teams that are able to open their eggs this Easter. They have seen plenty of NFL Easter Day wishes come true and are hoping theirs can to! With many top notch players being in other teams eggs the Titans are left with a few that meet their needs. An edge rusher in A.J. Epenesa or Terrell Lewis could be next. Perhaps they get an offensive tackle in Josh Jones or Austin Jackson to replace the tackle that the Browns stole from them. Or they could get a bigger egg in Ross Blacklock. Ultimately though as they open their Egg it is A.J. Epenesa. It may not be the egg in particular they wanted but it is the egg they needed.

Here are just a few NFL Easter day wishes that some of these teams would enjoy! I hope this was not too corny for you guys but I think it was enjoyable. With the draft coming up we will be going full blown without draft content. Let’s hope for an eggcellent draft this year! (Ok I’m done.)

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