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2020 NFL Draft Prospects

The quarterbacks for the 2020 draft class has a lot of potential. However, this same class has more uncertainties than we have seen in prior classes. Recently we have covered both the running backs and the receivers in this class. Both positions offer truly elite prospects and have a lot of depth. The quarterback position has a few prospects who can reach that elite potential, but it will take some time. Joe Burrow, the clear cut number 1 pick, will be followed by several quarterbacks who have question marks. Let us dive into each of the prospects who we feel have first round potential.

First Overall Possibility

Joe Burrow – Burrow will most likely become the number 1 overall pick. We have talked about the Bengals options, and recent speculation is the Bengals will keep the first pick. Whether or not they take Burrow is still to be seen, but with his historic performance this year he has separated himself from the rest of the class. Burrow stands at 6’4” and is roughly 216 pounds. He has excellent pocket pressure, a strong arm, and superb accuracy. He set multiple records including season touchdown passes with 60, and had an incredible 76.3 completion percentage. The only question that remains is whether it was a 1 season wonder due to the change of system. Regardless, he should be a stud at the next level and the first quarterback taken off the board.

joe Burrow quarterback stats
Joe Burrow’s Career: from just ok to historic!

Top 5 to 10 Talents

Tua Tagovailoa – Tua was the clear top quarterback until he had a gruesome dislocated hip in November. When heathy, Tua has showed he can consistently make the big throws. He has a cannon for an arm and is very accurate on his passes. He is also very mobile and can escape the pocket when need be. Tua stands at 6’1” and weighs about 218. He had 87 career touchdowns at Alabama to only 11 interceptions. Talent wise he is a clear top 5 pick. Due to his injury concerns and potential long term health problems, he may slip in the draft. His recent injury could impact his mobility, and any recovery setbacks will be critical. He is scheduled to work out in April, and if he looks sharp he will be a top 5 pick.

Justin Herbert – Herbert could be the most skilled quarterback in this class. His intangibles are very high, he is very accurate, and he can make all the throws. Throughout his career however two things have plagued him. One is leadership style. Many individuals question his leadership because he has been known to be very quiet. Recently at the combine though he was stated to be shown as a leader and did well addressing those questions. The second thing is his consistency. Some games he has looked dreadful, and he’ll need to overcome that. He has a terrific frame at 6’6” and 237 pounds, and threw for over 10000 yards with 95 touchdowns. If he can have a big lead up to the draft, he can potentially be a top 10 pick. If a team is quarterback needy he will be the perfect developmental quarterback, and could be a future star.

justin herbert quarterback
Can Herbert be an NFL Leader?

First Round Prospect

Jordan Love – We now address Jordan Love, the most polarizing prospect in this class. Love has a very good frame at 6’4” and weighs 225 pounds. His quarterback career ranged from an impressive 32 touchdown 2018 to a regression of 20 touchdowns in 2019. He nearly tripled his interception ratio going from 6 interceptions to 17 interceptions. At times he can be questioned for his decision making, but you cannot question his talent. I recently went back to watch tape on him, and he began to grow on me. I found myself bolting him up my rankings with every perfect throw he made. On tape you can see his arm strength and ability to place the ball right where his receiver can get it. If he has time to develop he can become a star. If not he will be a bust. He may be a late first round prospect.

Our NFL draft rankings for quarterbacks
Our Quarterback Rankings with 4 potential first rounders

These 4 quarterbacks will most likely be the only quarterbacks in the first round discussion. Burrow has already solidified himself as the top quarterback in this draft. Tua and Herbert both have top 10 potential, but there are question marks for both quarterbacks. It also will depend on whether a team will want to spend top 10 draft capital on a quarterback. Love can be stated as the biggest boom or bust quarterback in this draft, and a late round team may take a flier on him. The only thing to be certain is that the future of the NFL is bright. A superstar quarterback will be in this draft class. The only question that remains for teams is which one?

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