The NFL Draft: First 3 Rounds

The NFL Draft

We are currently on day 3 of the NFL draft but it’s not to early to reflect on the NFL Draft. As we watched the first 3 rounds we decided to make some notes of some of the picks we really enjoyed. We also instinctively did the same for the picks that we just had no clue why the team would make that pick. There were some teams that stood out as draft winners in the first 3 round of the NFL draft. There were also teams that to us just did not cut it. Let us break down some of our favorite and worst team drafts throught the first 3 rounds of the NFL Draft.

Favorite Drafts

Los Angeles Chargers

            I was a big fan of the Chargers draft day. For one they did not have to trade up to grab Justin Herbert. Whether you are a fan of him or not this team needed a quarterback. We have seen what Tyrod Taylor has to offer at the quarterback and he is not the answer for the future. Herbert’s physical ability makes him enough of a risk for this pick and hopefully he can become more consistent. Regardless Herbert was a pick that needed to happen for this team.

The one pick I loved in the first round was their move up for Kenneth Murray. The Chargers had a glaring whole on defense in the linebacker position. Murray gives them a player that can move sideline to sideline and get into the backfield with his athleticism. Yes losing a third hurt their draft capital but this team fixed a ton of holes during the free agency period. If this team can sure up the offensive line with the first pick today it will be a great draft.

The Chargers trade up for Murray in the first round.

Baltimore Ravens

            As if the Baltimore Ravens could not get much better after last season. They did not lose much this free agency period and they nailed this NFL draft. With their first pick the Ravens were able to grab Patrick Queen without moving up was terrific. Queen fills a linebacker need that the Ravens had and his versatility makes him dangerous. He can rush the passer, stop the run and be used in the coverage game. To me this was a slam dunk pick. Their second pick was used on J.K. Dobbins. Dobbins is a terrific pick for this team as his versatility makes him a dangerous back for this offense. He can be a down hill runner or be used on the edge with his quickness. I also expect him to be used in the passing game.

            The third round for the Ravens was very good as well. They drafted several key role players who could make an impact for this team. Justin Madubuike is a very explosive defensive tackle who could thrive on the interior of that Ravens line. I also really Devin Duverny to be an extra weapon for Jackson. He is quick and can make plays on his own. Malik Harrison and Tyre Phillips also could make an impact for this team at their respective positions. Watch out for the Ravens next year.

Arizona Cardinals

            The Cardinals so far have had one of the best drafts in my opinion. They did not have a second round pick as they traded that for Hopkins. With the two picks they had though they picked up a top 3 player this draft and a tackle who fell. First grabbing Isaiah Simmons was a slam dunk pick. He can be the do it all defensive player this team needs to be more competetive within their division. I fully expect him to be used in the pass rush, as a linebacker and in coverage. Grabbing him at 8 was just a terrific move.

            One of the bigger slides down the board was Josh Jones. Many thought he could be a first round prospect and I thought second at worst. Yet the idea of him slipping to the third to the Cardinals never slipped my mind. He does need a little bit of polishment in his technique yet this is a terrific pick for a player who has upside. This team needed a tackle opposite of D.J. Humphries and I believe Jones can slide to that side. I am very interesting to see how improved this offensive line becomes next season.

Least Favorites

Green Bay Packers

            I honestly do not know what the Packers are doing this draft. This was a team one game away from a Super Bowl and they were outmatched because of lack of weapons. They lost one of their top defensive players in their offense and a terrific tackle. Yet they decided to trade up to go Jordan Love round 1 with receivers and linebackers still on the board. Believe be I love Jordan Love as a player as you may know but this just does not make sense. He is going to sit behind Rodgers for at least 2 years waiting for a future that may be closer to 4. Rodgers cannot win if you add a back up quarterback so what is their play? Is Aaron Rodgers time in Green Bay coming to an end sooner rather than later? I truly do not know.

            To make matters worse in the second round they select a running back in A.J. Dillon! I talked about it on fantasy Friday that this team was going to go full running back by committee but in round 2! It almost seems to me like the Packers are trying to rebuild than build a championship contending team. The amount of holes they still have is glaring and the talent and those positions is running thin. The Packers also drafted tight end Josiah Deguara who is good but also seems like a move for the future. Rookie tight ends rarely make an impact in their first year. This team needed to give Rodgers a weapon they could use now and they blew it. Simple as that.

The Packers traded up to grab Jordan Love.

Las Vegas Raiders

            I don’t know what to make of the Raiders draft selections. The more I look at them the more they are more and more eh. Not because I do not like some of the selections but as a whole I question it. First they took Henry Ruggs who is a terrific speed option and has some Tyreek Hill potential to him. I talked about how I felt the Raiders would go this way in my latest mock. Both Jeudy and Lamb on the board when they decided to take Ruggs over both. Again I reiterate I expected that to happen but it still does not sit right with me. Lamb and Jeudy are just better prospects. The Raiders also grabbed Damon Arnette with the 19th pick. This was a reach to me and there were better prospects on the board. This seems to be the Jon Gruden way though.

            The Raiders doubled up on receivers in back to back picks in the third. Lynn Bowden Jr. to me will be used more as a gadget player in this offense. Bryan Edwards is a sleeper to me who could be a monster playmaker. He does have injury concerns which impacted his draft stock. Stand alone both of these picks have huge potential but back to back receivers does not make sense to me. They drafted Hunter Renfrow last year who came on strong and they did need playmakers. Yet I still think they have holes on the defensive side. They did draft Taner Muse with their final pick of the 3rd round which was a solid pick. Although overall like I said I just did not like the Vegas’ draft.

Seattle Seahawks

            The Seahawks are an organization that always tend to do things unconventially and this year was no different. With their first round selection there was speculation they could trade back and we kind of figured out why. The Seahawks took Jordyn Brooks with their first round pick and I believe that was a reach. For one at their draft spot Patrick Queen was still available and he is a much better prospect in my opinion. Brooks is not a bad player by any means but he is not a day 1 player. He will have time to develop as the team has plenty of linebackers but I felt they could go a different route.

            The Seahawks also added edge Darrell Taylor and guard Damien Lewis on day 2 of the draft. Both players were a bit lower on my boards as I felt their were other players who were better. Although I do not think these are bad in term of team needs I do not think these will be quality players for the Seahawks. Overall this draft for the Seahawks was one I just was not fond of.

Seahawks took Jordyn Brooks in the first round.

Overall there was a ton of things to like with the first 3 round of the NFL Draft. A ton of teams took quality players in spots that made sense. There were several teams we loved more like the Chargers, Ravens and Cardinals. There were also some teams drafts we did not like in the Packers, Raiders and Seahawks. We will continue to break down the NFL Draft over the next week and we hope you enjoyed the first 3 rounds. Tell us who were some teams you were surprised about and who were some you were not!

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