Week 2 Start and Sit Wide Receivers

Start and Sit

Today we bring you our start and sit picks for wide receivers in week 2. Week 1 saw a ton of fantasy scoring for the receivers near the top last week. Week 2 presents a lot of intriguing match ups as well as a few potential sits. Feel free to check out our weekly rankings on thefootballtherapist.com.

As we always say take these start and sit in context of your weekly match ups. Some teams may need a safer play while others need more upside. This video was also recorded Wednesday and includes the Thursday match ups. Next week we will try to condense the videos as scheduling of our content to get everything out before Thursdays game. Have a great week 2 in fantasy football!

Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XplUaecwmlA&feature=youtu.be or watch above! 

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