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          The Fantasy football world has never had so many fantasy wide receivers that could produce this season. To me the way to go this year is to grab your running backs early and try to hit some of the mid round upside guys. There are plenty of them. Today I am going to break down 4 wide receivers that I love to target.

Kenny Golladay

Golladay had a huge season last year with no QB for half the year. He led the league in touchdowns and was 7th in completed air yards. I see him going a ton in the early third to mid third round and that is value to me. I am buying Golladay this year and he can be a top 5 finisher.

Last season her put up huge numbers all while having a back up quarterback for half the season. Yes consistency was a concern but that is what happens when you have a back up quarterback. This season Stafford should be fully healthy and this offense looks dynamic. I believe things will open up more for Golladay with the emergence of T.J. Hockenson and he could put up double digit touchdowns. 

wide receivers Kenny Golladay

A.J. Brown

Big play potential. He was 6th in yards after catch and 3rd in yards per reception. He averaged 2.58 fantasy points per target and had a very productive rookie season dominating down the stretch. I believe this run first offense will have to incorporate just a bit more passing which will lead to more targets for Brown. He has no real competition in this offense and believe he can succeed 100%.

For those who say his production should drop due to his big play ability I just don’t see it. Yes regression may come but most rookies do not put up the big numbers he has. To me he should improve his game overall this year and become a true alpha receiver in this offense. He is a guy I can see having top 10 upside and is worth taking in the 4th every draft you have. 

wide receivers aj brown

Hollywood Brown

Hollywood is being slept on this season. He was drafted first out of all the receivers in the talented 2019 class. He has super speed and was highly efficient last season. When targeted Lamars QB rating was off the charts. I see a very effective season for Brown as he’ll be the top receiver for the Ravens. Teams will focus on the run leaving opportunity for big plays. 

Last season Hollywood played through recovering from a lisfranc injury which is very difficult to do. This to me fully inhibited him to be consistent on a week to week basis. Early in the year we saw him make some huge plays and deliver some terrific performances. To me his is mid round guy that can produce high WR 2 numbers this season. 

wide receivers Hollywood

Terry McClaurin 

Dubbed Scary Terry the guy is a freak athlete. He post an incredible 95th percentile speed score and had a 4.35 40 yard dash. Last season he had an incredible start to the year posting 4 top 20 performances in the first 5 weeks. Yes the team struggled during the middle part of the year. He finished out the season with 3 top 25 performances in the last 3 weeks. 

One of the biggest things I liked from the guy is he won contested catches. He was first in the NFL in that category. McLaurin also had the ability to make plays down the field with a great 15.8 yards per reception and 9.9 yards per target. When he was targeted his quarterbacks rating was 115.9. This shows me that although the quarterback situation wasn’t the best he thrived on it when given the opportunity.

For me it’s all about target share in 2020. With McLaurins ability and the teams lack of weapons I see him being a true Alpha wide receiver. I believe he should get anywhere from 8-10 targets per game leading to a very steady floor and high ceiling. I think he’ll smash his 5th round price tag and could put up a ton of WR 1 weeks. Draft him when you can just like I have and feel confident with your wide receivers! 

wide receivers scary Terry

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